A little Busy..

My Covert Ops ship.

When your actively busy playing a game it can be really hard to also be busy writing about playing that same game. Your either doing one or the other and very tough balance to often be able to do both.

Have been a bit busy playing EVE and reading some EVE Blogs around the blogosphere if you been wondering. Just haven’t really had time to sit down and condense my thoughts as yet though allot had been happening. This week I haven’t had all that much time either since I’ve been busy in real life at profession training classes and been really busy with that. My company and my boss aren’t going to be happy if I don’t pass my training course and get my Certification so got to study a bit.

Real life often interferes with doing other things fun. Won’t have time to write and update anything till this weekend.

3 thoughts on “A little Busy..

  1. It sure does. Passed my Training class, did my practical and got my Certification so all great there. Which wasn’t easy for something had no knowledge or prior training in of any kind and had to learn and get a certification in at the end. Was tough but got it.


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