Trying Out the New Planetary Interaction

Larva class Planet

Yesterday Planetary Interaction (PI) really began in EVE with the recent deployment of the Tyrannis patch. Planetary Command Center modules began being seeded on the market all over New Eden for purchase to use for colonization and harvesting of planetary resources for enterprising capsuleers.

Fairly new to life in New Eden hadn’t paid all that much attention to Tyrannis going live just getting used to life as a capsuleer and finding my way around various star systems doing daily activities and spending time on my more important studies like electronics, engineering, astrometric studies and many more. I had picked up some of the various study course material to train in the chance that harvesting of planetary resources became of some interest and gaining some minimal form of training. For the most part that’s as much attention I had paid to anything related to PI while I went on my daily activities since the  Tyrannis initiative went live.

But as PI finally commenced as of yesterday I got a bit curious and finally dropped all other activities at the time to really see just what PI was all about. It was a welcome change of course to yet do something different with life in Eden and all its activities one can engage in. Since I had done some training already I was in ok good shape having the Remote Sensing ability to scan planets for resources and the ability to interact with a Command Center module for eventual deployment.

To actually start the colonization process as well I needed a Command Center which I ended purchasing on the market a standard unit at my home and Corp HQ space station. I later found out my skill wasn’t high enough to use that unit due to training only being at a lvl 2 for use of Command Center unit module so I eventually just got a basic unit to try things out. I can always deploy the other module in the future elsewhere.

First was location of a suitable planet in my local star system. I had a Command Center for a lava class planet deployment. I had enjoyed seeing Lava Planets and remembered while zipping back and forth across our local system Tash-Murkon Prime that there was actually one Lave Planet in our local system among many several other types. Didn’t take long to find the Lava Planet – and started scanning to determine what resources were available and best place where I could deploy my new Command Center. Scans found various material being available and some in metals. I think I’ll go with metals.

Deploying Colony Modules to Harvest Planetary Resources.

Based on color scan image results I found a suitable location on the very southern side of the planet and then started setting up location for my new Command Center. I found this to be a really interesting interaction process figuring out where to best place my new center modules and all the linking and setup required.

After deploying the Command Center I then had to find a most suitable location to drop my Extractors to do all the extraction of natural resources. After which I also setup and deployed a Processor Facility to receive and run a configured schematic (Reactive Materials) for processing and also receive the raw materials from my deployed connecting Extractor. Then had to link and route the Processor Facility to send the schematic processed product material to the Command Center for end storage and launching. All of these module units consume both monitored Power and CPU which need to be monitored and all consume more resource material with distance from each module it seems. But a very interactive process in both scanning, deployment and setup of all colonization modules for PI.

I had a few minor problems just figuring out how to properly set up modules but understandable with a new process. I was eventually able to see my colony modules come to life as soon as they were all linked and routing began between connecting modules. It was interesting and fun in some way just to watch my units start extraction cycles, moving material and processing that material in real-time with units of seconds ticked away slowly and cycles being completed. Also got to see just watching in real-time the new resource material being made for eventual extraction from the planet surface. A really interesting and interactive process for PI.

For the most part I had forgotten I was in orbit around the Lava Planet in my local system in high sec space the whole time while I was deploying my new planetary modules due to the view changes when in planetary setup or view mode. Satisfied I had done an ok setup for my first try at colonization and PI setup I eventually left my colony modules to do their extraction and processing work. Will have to come back later to retrieve the end products.

I looked at my market items that was sold during the time that I was busy doing PI and was promptly off to a nearby star system to make a courier run to move some training materials to another star system to try to increase my profits on materials required to train for all the PI. On my way back on my short system courier hop I checked my view for various planet types in our local constellation. I saw a rare Plasma Planet and one of which I really like to see and took pictures of before. Will probably get a Command Center for that type of planet as well.

Its been an interesting day today in Eden.


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