Some Helpful EVE Online Guides…

Just wanted to post a link to a few helpful EVE guides that have helped me in some way playing EVE Online that I came across or found just doing a lot of reading all over the internet. I had meant to do a quick link to post them earlier but I never seem to can get pulled away from EVE long enough to make a post about them when I had free time. So here they are, you can bookmark them and download them for future reference if you like.

EVE GoonWaffle Newbie Guide – I had come across this one on Tobold’s Blog as a link to the GoonWaffle Guide. This guide is really funny to read and comical, but I found for my first month in EVE it’s really good with all the helpful hints in a fun way. If you’re a newbie to EVE or never lasted longer than a month before, its really good to re-read it and learn a few things.

Halada’s The Complete Miners Guide v3.0 – This is the most popular and comprehensive guide on Mining & Industry in EVE Online. Who better to learn from than one the first person that made billions and billions doing mining in EVE early days. If you ever want to do some mining in EVE  you SHOULD be reading this guide. The guide has various sections and covers also Industry/Manuf/Research etc activities. It’s really SOLID information to read if you’re not familiar with all these things in-game. I found it a tremendous help and I personally don’t mine all that much or as yet. But I do own a mining vessel which I will complete training to pilot on today.

Joerd’s Exploration Guide v2.0 – This is a great detailed and informative guide to read and gain some good info from if you’re the kind of player that likes to Explore and want to do Scanning and Probing to the best of your abilities to find lots of hidden signature sites and deadspace sites in EVE. It covers all the various skills you will need, probes of various kinds, and the various sites you can explore. It’s pretty solid and not too lengthy to read. I found this a tremendous help as well since I like to explore and will be something I will do a lot of in the future.

Edit Update 05/29/10: The Exploration guide above is a great guide overall and most of it is correct, however the parts relating to specific probes/types is a bit out of date due to changes made during the EVE Apocrypha expansion last year which simplified the probes/types needed for exploration scanning. Doing a bit of research the links below provides all the necessary changes and information to update the guide with the changes.



Reading both the guide and the changes below helpful.

I usually find or come across various guides just doing a lot of blog reading and just research and usually just bookmark them for link back to read later for the info. Sometimes its hard to even remember where I found the info originally due to just having the guide file and can’t remember the site where I got it originally. Often if the guides are a help to me, I can only imagine they are a help to someone else who probably don’t read or go through the lengths I often go through to track down and find helpful information for game play. So hope you find the guides helpful in some way which goes a long way in EVE with that high learning curve in learning things.


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