EVE Online: Needed More Info

I was doing a series of Career Exploration Mission which are quite fun to do. I kinda know I really like to explore and find places in games. But I got an Agent Exploration Mission using probes which was in effect showing how to use Scanners and how to use probes to find hidden anomaly. Had one to find a Gravimetric Signature and just couldn’t seem to get the waypoint or destination on any I was finding nor did the other Tutorials quite explained how to find them either in detail. Lacked some detail info.

Initially I took the mission like all others before and up to this point. I’ve done every single mission, completed them all on time to get the bonus reward and thus have never had to turn down a mission and wasn’t about to start with this one. I find value in learning to do things even if it can take a while, i’ve got patience. Once you know it you know it, its engrained.

Just being outside the area Space Station I launched several probes (4) and started scanning. Kinda like a silent submarine in space hunting down its target with active sonar and passive radar. I was finding this fun and it was. Just unique things in EVE that’s interesting in-game play. Though I keep finding various Anomaly’s when I did scan and being able to get their location waypoints on the Gravimetric ones I could just never get their location and kept coming up short with no true detail for waypoint location to actually be able to approach their location. I kept thinking well maybe its random with the mission and eventually I would.

I scanned for hours and nothing. Eventually had to log off and head to work, so retrieved my probes and docked before logging. Though I still had the quest I was going to lose not making the time for the bonus monetary reward. AH well no biggie will get the quest done eventually later. Got off work the next day got home and instead of heading to bed, logged in to try to finish the scanning quest. Undocked Space Station, launched a few probes around the system area, started scanning. A bit of time goes by, still comes up short cannot find exact location waypoint of Singularity for the quest to get the document as proof you did find the Signature and opened the container inside of the area. An hour later nothing. What gives?

So was like, I got to be really missing something here, this is taking way to long and I’m sure that I’m missing something. Re-read the quest, re-read the scanning tutorials and still nothing new. So Eventually……. I pony up I need help here and ask my very first question in EVE and Rookie Chat that I’m doing this specific quest and could not get location of the Gravimetric Signature location at all. Need help!

A few people helpfully responded: “Launch allot of probes”. “How many probes you Launched?”. “Launch probes in square formation”. “Form a Square and Scan”. I was like I’ve launched probes and am scanning, I’m seeing there is a Gravimetric Signature but can’t get location to warp to. Another guy in Rookie Chat goes: “You need 100% Signal Strength to get location”. I was like what does that mean? Same guy a few minutes later drops a Youtube link in the Chat box and said watch it and do that. OK cool, Thanked him for it. Didn’t ask anymore questions. So I link over to Youtube and watch the Scanning Guide Video.

I was like WoW that’s a bit of art to that and much more than I thought or even was doing. Less than 10 mins later I was able to narrow down the Gravimetric Shift Signature. Found the cargo box in the area and retrieve the document to show proof I was able to scan competently enough to find almost ANY hidden Signature in Space. The short EVE Tutorial just didn’t give you enough info in how to go about using and moving the probes and actually triangulating and getting a point fix on a hidden object.

What a difference does good information make. Now no doubt I know exactly how to use the scanning probes, scanner to triangulate and hidden object. Completed the quest, but unfortunately no bonus ISK. The value in learning a skill here beats the bonus reward as well. Next time real treasure in finding a real wormhole on my own.



  • Jenni Concarnadine

    I wish you luck. I did the Tutorials, so did a cirps-mate of mine, and we still can’t scan down a *real* signature. We can get the red circle of opportunity, but there doesn’t seem to be a reliable way of getting from that to the dots of doom (ie when you’re down to 2 options).

    Clearly you have learned something we cannot.
    Clear Skies

  • Once you really learn how to probe a Signature with success it’s much easier to do so after. Can takes some practice. To me it’s really finding where you first have a signature location in a general area. Triangulating the probes then serves the purpose to use each probe to overlap a suspected area or dot so that the more probes your using the more accurately you can get a exact fix on where a signature is located. However practice makes perfect.

    I’m pretty good at it now, it’s even quite fun to do. After the mission I actually went probing for fun right outside station and tracked down a actual Priate Hideway location. Warped in to area had one pirate there. Killed it and eventually few more spawned. Eventually killed about 10 or so pirates and then the really harder one for the last one. I had a salvager and salvaged all the wreck. The salvage wreck was very very valuable as well. All good fun when you learn how to probe 🙂

  • Probing is very much and art form, but it can be fun and profitable. There are a lot of players who focus on probing as their “class” in EVE, especially those who spend a lot of time in W-space.

  • There are a few good probing tutorials on Youtube. One of the most important things which I felt they did not cover in the tutorial was what all those dots and red circles and such mean.

    If I remember correctly from the video, it goes something like:
    pulsing red probe -> only that probe is scanning the site
    red circle -> site is somewhere in that area of intersection between 2 probes
    yellow dot -> 3 probes are hitting the site, but not 100% yet, may need to reduce the probe scan area to narrow it down

    Of course I think you have the hang of it now, but this may help Jenni.

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