EVE Online: NOOBS IN Space

So far my Trial Period of EVE Online is going well though I haven’t had that many times of real dedicated focus game play. I think just playing over the weekend a bit was the most focused session I’ve had since basically starting to play the game. I no doubt will be adding EVE Online to my MMO active subscription list. At the moment though very much a NOOB just learning to play EVE but a very fast learning NOOB and so far so good.

The game really had a steep learning curve and seem quite complex but I like it even more as the challenge to learn something new which can be exciting, plus the game does have appeal to me. I’m not deterred by various players negative feeling on EVE for one reason or another either. Games are different things to different people in their enjoyment, to each their own. At the moment I’m still in the NPC Corp the game placed me in as a new player and that’s fine for the moment. I’m not in a hurry. For the moment I’m just learning to play the game and understand the functions of things and how to do things as well have enough patience to take my time to learn to play and understand the game. Unlike a lot of new players that seem to start the game and already want to get into a Cruiser or a Battleship or something like that immediately only to lose it just as fast in their haste.

Learning the Ropes

I’m been focusing on just doing the Career Tutorial Missions and really working on the Learning Skills as well with my character. So far have just about 500,000 skill points and 48 skills learned at the moment. Thats including the base Learning Skills to increase attribute skills and accelerate rate at learning new skills. Most skills so far have learned up to at least lvl 3 if not lvl 2. A few others have learned at lvl 1 at least or the not so immediately essential ones at that. But for the moment really looking over most of all the skills I think I’ve gotten most the base and prerequisite pilot skills I think I will initially need to have a good base to learn the other pilot skills and have quite a few good skills to survive and do missions with as well. I’ve spent quite a bit of time really looking over the Skill Books on the market to make sure I picked up all the ones initially that wasn’t already from Missions I though essential and to my trade as well. Trade skills in Trade, Retail and Broker Relations to ensure I can sell my stuff on the market and enough to not be limited in the number of goods I can sell to earn money while reducing the fee that comes out my pocket in fees. Others like Social skills in Social, Connections, Negotiation to increase NPC and Corp standing and bargain and higher interaction fee with benefits. I’m  Trader and so far I think i have the basic skills covered. The other skills can learn later or as time goes along.

As well already learned all the core Learning Skills up to lvl 4 already and some the secondary learning skills up to lvl 2. Other skills and quite a few skill books did obtain doing missions which saves quite a bit buying Skill Books on the market. I find if you just initially do all the tutorials you can pick up a lot of Skill Books that save a lot of money buying some as well. All in all my character is learning base essentials skills for the long-term at an early stage and at a fast rate. Having done that to sufficient degree i’ve queued up starting to learning lvl 5 in the other core learning skills which will now takes some time but will save a lot of time in the end.

I’ve picked up the profession of fitting one of my Frigate ships to do Salvaging and so far though not as yet profitable at my level its enjoyable and I can see the potential of Salvaging that which I often like to kill. Reminds me of Skinning in WoW. Might as well skin it since you going to kill it anyway. So I see a bright future in the Salvaging business and more so once I do invest in a proper equipped Destroyer ship. Have done a little mining but not all that much. But enough to make me a little profit and making money is good in my book so boring or not the $$ adds up at my NOOB level.

Rookie Noobs

What I usually find all too interesting is the Chat Channel in EVE. Its filled with quite a bit of former WoW players as well. In some ways I can get sick of hearing WoW players complain about EVE but that’s short-lived when the Rookie Chat channel is heavily moderated and for the most part I kinda enjoy that in it keeps the Chat Channel on topic. The people who moderate the chat channel are really helpful in the questions they answer and do pick up quite a bit that way as well learning things.

What is really all too Noobish about watching the Chat Channel is how much people can’t find Sulu to save their life if he was standing 5 feet from him. But the thing is in observing the chat channel it’s almost funny and at times nuts how stupid some the questions and thing people keep asking over and over and over and over and over all the time. Not everything but the majority of time the things people ask as new players you can find the answer or its explained to you in the tutorials just doing the starter missions. The great majority of questions I may have had I learned the answer to just doing the tutorial missions which I though really helped a great deal in learning how to do things and understanding others. But it was just all too funny watching the questions that new players ask and some of them were just so stupid it was just funny and these were some of the same players that said they finish the tutorial missions. It was all too funny watching people keep asking where to go or where they should go after they did the tutorial missions or what to do when at the end of each career mission tutorial it clearly tells you where you may want to go to next for agent work to the Sisters of EVE or something like that. It even states it in the chat channel when you log on.

It was all too funny how many new players spend their money on ships and expensive ships as new players barely knowing how to play only to find out they don’t have the skill to use them. Then the players who constantly keep loosing their ship they just bought and get mad about it because they don’t quite understand what they doing yet. It’s just too funny just looking at the Rookie Chat channel. It makes you wonder if some these people even think using their own brains at all. However its worth a good laugh just reading chat channel for the moment as a fast learning NOOB learning how to survive in the wild wild west of deep space EVE Online. And so far I’m enjoying the challenge and just learning to play a new MMO.

Eventually I’ll have to find me a Corporation to apply to. So far not much screenshots either, I just kinda figured out how to take them on my MAC PC.



  • Cool write up. It’s good you’re keeping an open mind going into EvE. Out of the people who criticize it, I’m sure a handful of those are people who will bash it just because they didn’t understand the game or expected everything handed to them on a silver platter. It’s definitely a game that requires patience to learn, and those you described who can’t seem to be bothered to pay attention to the tutorial or even get around to doing it will not get very far. It’s a shame, because they’ll probably go on to bash the game and say how much it sucks.

    Like you, I was also quite impressed with the rookie chat channel and the patience of the people and mods in it. It was very informative, but often scrolled way too fast for me to catch everything 🙂

    Anyway, cool to see you’re enjoying it so far and that you’ll probably be subbing. I enjoyed my time with it too, but it was just not a subbing game for me. I thought it was actually quite addictive and fun, but the problem was that it was hard motivating myself to actually log in. Of course, after I do, I’m there for hours.

  • Yeah the Rookie Channel is quite informative and you do learn allot of you just kinda sit back do whatever your doing and just observe from time to time questions some people have and the answers given.

    Addictive game but you have to be a bit of a self motivator to keep progressing, though not for everyone also.

  • Glad you’re enjoying it, and it sounds like you’re progressing pretty well. Just to chime in on two comments. The number of people who don’t read text (in EVE or anywhere else) is staggering isn’t it? And self-motivation is definitely a pre-requisite to enjoy the game, because once you finish the tutorial/career missions (and even the epic story arc missions) you’re on your own for setting/achieving goals. That’s one of the reasons I like having it in my MMO rotation.

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