I Just Couldn’t Help Stopping By To Get One

So Blizzard added a cool new vanity mount and new pet available for purchase from the Blizzard Store.

Found a Youtube vid of the Celestial Steed. Hmmm, looks Epic.

I remember a post I did a long time ago about Should Paladins Have a Epic Flying Mount or a winged pegasus. Probably never happen though dream on. But I’m not going to pass up such a Epic Celestial Steed Mount in the Blizzard Store. I may not even be playing WoW, however i just couldn’t help stopping by and getting one for my account and help clog up the queue which was about 10k people long in queue and said a 2 hour wait. However I waited and it actually took less than a hour.

Hell even had to download a few patches of WoW since haven’t logged in a while. Collected the new mount out of the mail on all my characters so it dosen’t expire in the mail since i’m not really playing WoW at the moment.

I’m sure that mount will be all too popular and Blizzard will make a ton on it as well. I don’t really care in the end, i’m not usually that much into mounts and so what mounts I use get used allot and for a long while. At least I don’t have to buy any my other alts a mount as well any that I don’t really like either. As mount riding skills eventually upgrade, so does the mount as well in speed also. I’ve always liked a cool looking Pegasus, nevertheless a Celestial looking one for all my account.

Blizzard sure knows how to print money as i’m sure they will make millions on the pet and mount. GC did promise you a pony.

3 thoughts on “I Just Couldn’t Help Stopping By To Get One

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