Wrathy said It Best!

Wrathy has a really nice post up on his blog that I read much earlier in the morning while I was at work on The Power of Knowledge and I couldn’t agree more as well. I thought its a great post to not miss and link to if you never been over to his blog and you really should go there as well. He really writes good stuff and other bloggers who have more time do write stuff worth reading as well 🙂

I’m just too busy working all week on night shift and day sleeping and just not much time to write anything let alone log in WoW and get my daily Frost from heroics 😦 But I read allot of blogs around the community from on my IPhone being mobile, so at least I can link to other blog post for others to catch that i’ve read.
Anyway the simple fact that your eye balls are even here means that your more knowledgeable, more aware, more informed and on things to various degree to improve your WoW knowledge/play much more than the average WoW player by far. Wrathy’s post linked Here.
I’d really like to put my perspective on a post to follow up that when I have time as well……..

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