Icicle DPS Tanking Toy

Lucky Lucky me. I picked this up this morning just doing a H HoR run. Just the luck of all things I was able to win it with no real melee in group and have it to use as a dps/threat weapon toy. At least another weapon to add to my collection for gear swapping as a dps/threat weapon. Can easily maintain above 540 defense as well with it equipped so all good.
Not if my Shaman can only be so Lucky to pick up a pair of those let alone just one. Anyway I can have fun with it when I need to do dps tanking with SoComm (Seal of Command). A Shaman probably get heartburn seeing someone dps tank with it lol.
Been thinking of what to put on it and did a bit of research over at Maintankadin boards. And I probably end up putting Berserking on it. DPS tanking fun times with a Icicle toy for awesome dps. Someone else probably get heartburn thats been trying to pick that up in Heroics.


  • I think I would go with Mongoose. It at least pretends to be a tanking enchant. 🙂

  • @ Dorgol. I already have Rimefang’s Claw with Mongoose with it as a Avoidance Tanking weapon. And already as well have Falric’s Wrist-Chopper as well with Accuracy on it as well.

  • I picked up Gutbuster (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50810) last week from Festergut (10). It’s great fun.

  • I picked Rabiar (Berseking in english). It’s fun to see the tank like chuck norris and in top of damage meters XD (3200 in HoR whit pala-tank)

    Yes, Berseking reduces armor but…. LoL! XD

  • I picked up a Frost Giant’s Cleaver the other day as well. Quite amusing to run around with the weapon our enhance shaman wants real bad!

    Also with a SoComm spec I can pull nearly 5k on many pulls in heroics without the right buffs. Trash on a 25man can actually compare with some of the weaker classes at AoEing and keeps your dpsers sharp!! Always a good time to dominate your favorite dpser on the recount.

  • Oh, and go with Berserking, because we can’t put it on anything else! And it’s just plain fun!

  • @Tim, yeah that Gutbuster looks really nice, kinda like the name of it too. Nice weapon.

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