The Turkey stuffing feast is over and a multitude of achievements to go with them. Tobold ask: Are you a Pilgrim?

Me. Nope!

Don’t even think my Paladin even killed a Turkey. Not that i even had him do much either beyond learn the new recipes since he’s been at max cooking for forever.

I decided long ago to be a underachiever. I make my own goals of what interests me and those are what i really do or spend time doing. Achievements don’t really do much for motivating me. I just do what i feel is fun or quick to do and thats all i’m doing.

The only thing I really did was to get the cooking leveling done on a few alts that I hadn’t had time to level cooking skills on at the time of the holiday event. Did throw some food at some people since it was easy and right there by the tables. But i didn’t go chasing any Rogues or anything like that or LTB Rogue to shoot for Achievement, paying 100g. Nope didn’t do any of that.

What i did spend my time doing was getting my Shadow Priest to lvl 76. I did making enough of that Cranberry stuff for that nice spell power food buffs for leveling with my Shadow Priest for having a good stack of cheap good food buffs on hand the entire way to 80. I did them on the last day of the event so had enough to last for 7 full more days and picked up a few of the items to make a the platter feast for instancing.

But not much for chasing after all those Pilgrim holiday achievements even if they were fairly easy. What they were and usually are is time consuming. Time is precious.

But i’m sure some of you got the Pilgrim title and all the achievements right?

One thought on “Pilgrim?

  1. Galo,

    Yes I did /shame.
    When I saw that you got a turkey non-combat pet, I did do all the achievements on Skarlarth (now with over 80 pets). It was not as bad as I thought: Got my turkeys on Day 2, found all my rogues by the 3rd day, hardest one was Blood Elf, got lucky and found a Dwarf on day 1 hanging around Darnasus, and a Troll on day 2.

    Other than that I did level my DK (Self Guild bank) and my mini mage (AH Alt) up to 280 in cooking just for grins and giggles.

    Oh and I did so as well on my Tauren Shammy on Eonar that I started since I found my cousin plays Horde on that server. Yay for level 14 with 300 cooking!

    So over all not much stress. No frantic payments to find missing rogues. I even found time to put a level and a half on my human rogue and never got turkey’d once.

    Skarlarth and Company


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