Pilgrim Cooking from 1-300 on the Cheap.

I’m not usually much for running around doing holiday stuff just for fluff. I tend to stick to doing more important things for me that i need to get done. As the Goblins say time is money. But this Pilgrim Cooking for the Holiday event is just AWESOME!

It something you need to log on to every Alt you have, high or low that don’t have much cooking skills yet. As on the cheap you can level up your low lvl cooking from 1-300 right there in the cooking area outside any your faction major city. There is even a Cooking Trainer right there as well.
If you don’t know how awesome that is. Consider that a freebie from Blizzard! Because you can level up cooking from 1-300 or as high as your alt can go per their lvl on the total cheap and only cost you mere silvers maybe a gold or two. Folks you normally cant level up cooking that cheap ever or which as less effort as you can here at the.
Even the food stuff you cook with the Bountiful Cookbook gives some really nice food buff comparable to lvl 80 cooking food buffs like Spice Bread Stuffing and more. Only last 7 days but hell its damn cheap buffs for Instancing or Raiding for seven days.
Few of my Alts I haven’t had time to lvl cooking on as yet. So this is what I’m doing. Even my lvl 80 DK only had 1/300 cooking. Just haven’t had time to level his as yet as well my other recent new alts. Some city vendors have select recipe items for cooking so you may have to check the different city event vendors if you cant find a item.
Get cracking and save you lots of time and effort with cooking. Then go do whatever else fancy your taste to waste time doing.

6 thoughts on “Pilgrim Cooking from 1-300 on the Cheap.

  1. You Still need to go farm mats or go to AH so i dont see how this will work.. i had a lvl 1 cook and got to 40 in the Pilgrim area after that you have to go and farm stuff much the same as normaly leveling your cooking.. unless i am missing somthing?


  2. Dave,

    The recipies in the “Big Book of Thanksgiving Recipies” are staggered so that one picks up where the last one leaves off. i.e. You can make stuffing until 100 (if memory serves) then you can learn the next recipie, cranberries, I think. That will take you to 160 when you can learn how to make pie, which will take you until you can make sweet potatoes. You can go from 1 to 280 with only mats bought from vendors at the feast sites.
    At 280 you learn Turkey and you have to “hunt” those 😉

    7 of my toons already had 390+ cooking, but I did take my DK from 1 to 280 in under an hour (including travel time) for less than 1 gold.

    “Chef” Skarlarth and Co.


  3. @ Dave. Steven above pretty much explains it. In all you can get to at least 350 Cooking if you kill a quite a few Turkeys above 280 Cooking. Even though the recipe turns green a bit before 350 cooking it will take you all the way to 350 at least. I did that on my lvl 10 Mage and it does work!


  4. I am sorry. I am so, so sorry. Really. … so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sos so sorry


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