Quitting Life on Silver Street

Hey AD Whats New?

Well I got a office memo a few days ago across my desk. My 3+ year old lvl 20 investment banker who resided in Silvermoon decided to quit his day job. Seems he was tired of banking and bankrolling his other band of brothers but was seeking greater adventures besides being stuck working on silver street.

Sad to see my banker quit his day job. But he’s been faithfull at his job for almost 4 years bankrolling his first brother since before he was even lvl 40.

With that my 20 S.Priest decided to pack up his bags and riches and high tail it out of Silvermoon and headed off into a dangerous world seeking his own tales of adventure.

With that I had to quickly find me a new banker. My forever 24 druid that was stuck in Tarren Mills decided he could fill the job spot. Banker position filled!

All is well with the world it seems at the moment and for the last time in WotLK one of my Alts band of brothers will be making his way to 80. This time as a Shadow Priest.

Shadow boy is enjoying his new adventures melting minds and just hit lvl 41. He seems to be enjoying his new life afterall.



  • Watch out Galo!

    Soon you may be challenging me with my 7 max level “alts”. What’s a main? 🙂
    Luckily my AH alt is still peacefully situated in Stormwind, although a bit of his work has been shunted to my DK who started my own bank Guild on Medivh, mmmmm… pack-ratting on a massive scale.

    I look forward to posts about the journey.

    Skarlarth and Company

  • Hi Steven, wow at seven 80 alts, be a bit hard to catch up with that many. Might try but thats a tough road, eventually maybe but will see….

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