State of Things 10/27/09

I didn’t really had any particular post in mind, though I could think of a few or the many on the save to finish list in the blog. But its maintenance day and usually a good day to write something having the day off from work as well. Current state of my gaming in WoW at the moment is totally casual and at the moment. I’m just pretty much playing alts and still on vacation from raiding as a focus. So I guess that can pretty much sums things up.

Well aware of all the content added to the game over the last few months. At this point much of that content seems like old content at this point to many players. I simply haven’t done any of it. So even though most the end game content is like old news to most players its still content I have yet to try to see or participate in. And much of the reason is that as stated before that at the moment its just not my focus at the moment to focus on the latest raid content and all that entails.
For the moment my state of play is casually focused on getting other things done as a goal. I’ll get back to raiding eventually. For the moment I’m enjoying the down time, as well I usually sleep much better these past months vs sleeping and dreaming I’m still actually raiding. So that’s a plus more restful sleep, especially when I’m more tired these days as well from real life work. So I can play or log off whenever I feel like or get tired without having to worry about raiding or the commitment to it at the moment.
State of Altism

My Paladin
When you played one character so long with focus you do need a break to see the world through the eyes of another character. Thus I haven’t really raided with my Paladin since around early May 2009. That’s almost 6 months now. When I last raided I was in Ulduar 10. My raid progression at that time stopped at killing Freya. Since that time their has been lots of new content and patch changes to the game since. But that’s the last time that I really played my Paladin for real endgame content. As well I’m enjoying the break as well. I’ve run a heroic or two lately just to help out a guildie but that’s about it.
I just haven’t been inclined to Tank anything else much or answer any of the numerous Pugs on my realm LFM Onyxia, Ulduar, ToC that I see daily. Its been almost 6 months and in that time my current tanking gear on my Paladin seem so outdated. Hell its so out dated that new lvl 80 Paladin Tanks have more HP than me after a week it seems at lvl 80. I’m just not inclined to do anything about it until after patch 3.3 for the effort to try and upgrade any of it especially with Emblems getting changed again in Patch 3.3. No point in wasting the effort right now either.
Though my Paladin remain my main character, my Shaman gives him a good run at being that main character. As I do enjoy playing my Shaman allot. Shamans and Totems are fun! I haven’t done any raids on my Shaman. Mostly just done heroics with friends and helping a few guildies run heroics mostly. But he has fairly decent gear as a Enhancement Shaman and can do over 3K dps in heroics. Not sure how much that would be in a 10 man raid. But I’m sure its decent. My Shaman has Dual Spec so Elemental as off spec since I prefer it over playing healer plus it gives me a range caster class to play around with or can play as a option.
He has some decent gear for off spec as elemental as well though not as good as my Enhancement Shaman. Overall I enjoy playing my Shaman. At the moment I don’t really run Heroics all that much anymore since can’t really upgrade all that much else with Emblems at the moment either. But our small guild has a decent Shaman for dps.
My Unholy Death Knight
Playing the DK is fun in some ways as I enjoy a melee class. I also enjoy being most anti-paladin as well so being Unholy Spec suits my taste. He’s got decent gear for Heroics and usually always top the dps meters in most my Heroics runs. I can play him at a respectable skill level and much better if I’m playing him daily to tune my skills. Since I don’t play him all that much I see no point in giving him Dual Spec either as another spec for me to learn to play when I don’t play him all that much currently.
Since I got him to lvl 80 and did a few Heroics to get him some heroics gear I haven’t really played him all that much since, probably not much at all really. And since Emblems are getting changed in patch 3.3 I see no reason to expend the effort at the moment to change things till after helping other new guildies at 80 gear up in the process or getting other things done. Though fun to play I don’t play him that much. Just a run here and there so my skill at playing him don’t totally diminish. I have yet to make him a BlackSmith as well and level up the skill.
My BM Hunter
My Hunter is the newest of my 80’s and my 4th. Ive run him in few heroics so far and even though still gearing up in gear and needing a bit of gear I can be 1st or 2nd on the dps meter in heroics with pet and his gear is not all that great which totally shocked me in the few heroics I did. But I did take the effort right after getting him to lvl 80 to get him out of green gear and into some decent quest blues or starter gear and a few crafted epic gear and the rep grind a bit to get him some enchants. Even got him some Ulduar pattern crafted Boots. So, much a process in getting him geared up a bit though not as a priority by any means either.
I find him fun to play but not over my Paladin or my Shaman but still easy fun to do other things. Will just work on him slowly whenever I can. May pick up a dual spec on him and just make his dual spec a solo tanking pet spec just to solo hard stuff with the pet alone for fun and kicks. Currently he does Skinning/Leatherworking. I have yet to have the time to level him up in leatherworking since he had to drop max mining to pick it up.
Shadow Priest
In the last of my Project goals for WotLK and before Cataclysm, I have started to level up my Shadow Priest. Not to play a healer of course since I don’t play full time Healer. But just to play a Shadow Priest!
On the road to Cataclysm most of my leveling Projects in WotLK for Alts is almost done.

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