lvl 80 Take 4

I’ve been busy leveling up my Alts some time now and working on my Hunter I finally got Krovon leveled up to 80 last night with my 79 croc pet Crocky. He was at lvl 70 for over a year since back in tBC, so its finally good to finish off what I started. So getting my Hunter to lvl 80 makes my 4th 80 now having leveled 3 of them my Shaman, Death Knight and Hunter up all in last few short months alone.

He leveled up really fast and with 2 pieces of mail heirloom the Shoulder and the Chest piece for the 20% XP as well having rest bonus to spare from lvl 70 all the way to 80. It was often Fun and Fast leveling up since I only leveled my Hunter while he had rest bonus. Still had 80% rest bonus hitting 80 and made it more pleasurable. Often just fun for a change of things.
Got to kill a Rare Elite in Storm Peaks (Vyragosa) on verge of hitting 80. I was totally surprise to even find this Rare Elite as I was the furthest thing from my mind to do. But was flying g up to N.Storm Peaks and spotted this odd looking Blue Dragon flying off to my left which seemed out of place and never seen before. I though to self, how odd that Dragon in this area. Curiously moused over him and said “Rare”. So started chasing him down and sent Crocky after him and got the Nothern Exposure Achievement. It dropped a nice Blue 78 BoE leather helm and a Satchel of stuff with 19g for the booty. I got to skin the Dragon for Icy Dragonscale and leave no trace of its existence as well. Was a nice surprise and Achievement find.

Caught Vyragosa traveling the route from south in Western Storm Peaks up the frozen waterfall way up past Frosthold where the flying banshee looking mobs are then straight up past the cave in the area. From there it traveled north past Valkyrion and straight up north into the Snowdrift Plains going the north route as if heading straight north up to Ulduar. I was able to catch it right before it entered the narrow mountain pass on the Snowdrift Plains before it got to the Ulduar ruin area since lots of mobs were around. Think it had around 40K HP and wasn’t too hard to kill.
But if you want to catch this Rare Elite for the Achievement that’s a route you can travel to maybe a chance to catch it if your lucky. Always fun chasing down a Rare spawn.
Pets I have – Ferocity: 76 Drakuru Raptor, 76 Ghostpaw Alpha Wolf, 75 Dire Raven.
Pets I have – Tenacity: 80 Snowdrift Jormungar Worm, 79 Mangal Crocolisk.

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