The Emblem QQ again…

WoW never cease to have its ups and down with players and their gear, their love of purple pixels and their complain over Blizzard making it easier or too easy for new raiders to get gear up into raiding to see the various content. As well as doing so diminishes their hard earn work and accomplishment.

“It increases the pool of people that are geared enough to raid, I have no problem with that. But it does worry me that it begins to open up the potential for even more poor raiders who don’t know the fundamentals of raiding and don’t want to learn. That is potentially problematic and is something that is already an issue in the game, things like this increase it.

But like I said, it makes it so that more people are available to do content, which, to me, is more fun. So I’m sort of torn.”

LuliaDK, Tankspot
I’m a bit torn as well, because I also agree with the statement above as well and I’m not even a active raider at the moment. The reason I’m torn is that like some and many players I do take some pride in actually checking in and putting in the work to earn anything I wear. Whatever the work is put the effort into getting it. I used to raid so i know what effort goes into it. In the end though its damn pixels and coding and I choose not to get attached to it, even if i worked for it. Because I’m always well aware things can and will change in and over time.
I’m a fairly highly skilled player and having not raided in months by choice I haven’t been on the hunt to try and down bosses with a group of friends or enjoy the content raiding it and earning gear as the reward for beating the content encounters. I guess i decided for a while some time was better spend leveling up a few alts now vs later. As several of those alts have leveled up i too have put in the time to run them through Heroics and get them geared up to a satisfactory level for later raiding.
Does getting Emblems to purchase the vendor gear diminish the the time effort put in to earn my gear? I still had to put in time and effort to get the gear to gear up. What many will say its trivial content. But still a person has to put in time. Some casuals are too lazy to do that as well. Never in my history of the game have I as a player ever been carried by anyone through any content. I never payed for a run, never been run through any dungeon in the game leveling up. I geared up while leveling up through the content. I tuned my gear at 80 to do Heroics. Then did the content performing competently and earning every Emblem for the time doing the content to acquire gear for later raiding when I return to it.
Yeah its was fairly easy as a skilled player who been through it before, but one has to put in the time still. Many people are now earning gear that way as well for their entry as well as their second and third alts into raiding. Many the same people that going to QQ about Emblems are the same ones that will use it as well to quickly level up their alts in between the contents they are on.
I’m torn a bit because I know what its worth to work to earn something. Many Raiders get upset because they had to spend lots of time on the content and wipe a bit in between to doing it to earn their gear in the process for their Hey Look at Me and My Purples. And here come along Blizzard and change things giving and opening it up to more casual players to earn higher lvl tier gear without the same effort that they themselves had to endure to get. It shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone that this is how WotLK has been all along with what Blizzard has openly said before with wanting everyone in some way to see or experience the content.
As a player I’m not attached to purples, its nice gear but in the end to me its all pixels and code. What some players cant seem to take some enjoyment in is that they did the content earlier than most got to experience it, they beat the content with their friends and guildies and earned the gear. They saw and beat it way before many casuals did. Some cant seem to take pleasure in that. To some its not ok when their newer lvl guild 80’s or newer raiders look just as leet as they do with the same gear. Look the same but in no way skilled the same usually. That is not ok to them. Hey you didn’t do the same work as I had to do, no fair and QQ more about it. Yeah I’m torn with you at times because i understand the process. But I’m not stuck on it either.
Blizzard wants everyone to see and experience the content so its not hard to expect sooner or later that things will get reset that more casual players will be able in some way at some point to earn higher level tier gear as the content gets older over time. Players alts end up benefiting from this greatly. And much so it will going into the soon to come next expansion. For some players its just not ok for new raiders to look like them in the same gear without the same effort that they put in. Some you raiders get carried on your raids, i have no illusion about that either.
Our young 10 man guild is just gearing up to soon do Naxx 10 as a young guild. While some players put in the time already to earn them some we have though that they didnt had to put in any real effort to get some decent gear as new 80’s to start raiding. They were depending on being carried by better skilled and geared players. Yeah I was torn on that too and some the players had to be told that their gear totally sucked and go work on getting better gear along with their spec. Some players will still suck even if getting emblems are easier to earn and makes lousy skilled raiders.
Emblem change mean Its good for alts being able to gear up for fast entry into raiding. That don’t in any way make new unskilled 80’s good raiders. That’s you and your guildies job to help make the new casuals in your guilds better raiders.
I’m a bit torn that that I can gear up my alts a bit faster into tier gear, I’m really torn about it. But don’t be so surprised the next time Blizzard changes things in the future Emblem wise.

5 thoughts on “The Emblem QQ again…

  1. I have to say that I agree with you in the sense that bad players will still be bad – but leveling the field makes it easier for everyone. How hard was it in BC to get into the end game, even if you were good, simply because you didn’t have the right gear? You had to go back and spend months in SSC/TKE to get to BT/MH, and by then it’s Wrath time and you’ve never seen the Sunwell.

    You now have a pool of geared players to PUG with on your alts, use for trials, and maybe find a few diamonds to polish up and add to your raid force.

    I’m for it – because bad players will always be bad.


  2. I am uber-casual in terms of playtime (3 kids under 8, full time job), but I take playing seriously, I come prepared, with consumables, gemmed and enchanted gear. I enjoy the badge system as I am making “progress” every time I play regardless of whether i get a drop or not.

    Honestly, maybe I am taking a too simplistic attitiude about this, but why not make the badge gear good enough to run raids (say 95% of the stats of drop gear) and make them Rare (blue)?
    I personally could not care less about the color, it’s all about the numbers for me.
    That way people can be geared enough for raids, but there is still a distinction between people who geared up via badges and those who got them via drops running content repeatedly.

    Skarlarth and Co.


  3. I’m for the system. It does feel a little cheesy (especially when I’m sport 2-piece T8.5 on my alt just for sleazing my way through heroics), but as a guild leader who needs to fill the ranks of our raiders, I like it.

    I have one guy who stepped from heroics into 10-man ToC thanks to working so hard on his gear. He’s not dead weight at all and puts a lot of effort like Steven above me. Under the older system I wouldn’t have been able to get a new but competant player geared up so fast.

    Sure there will be bad people with good gear, but the benefits outweigh any detrimental effects.


  4. I had no idea that WoW even existed until after Wrath was released. I now have my first 80 toon and I’m glad that there is a path that will allow me to visit higher-level content.

    I guess I see it as extremely selfish for people to have the attitude that because they have been raiding full time for 4 1/2 years that they have earned the right to wear x, y or z gear. What, should we put Apple II computers in all the elementary schools in America because that what I used as a kid? No. And that’s a real life issue.

    What we’re discussing is a game. To be selfish about a virtual reality seems like a waste of time and life. It doesn’t really impact you if I have good gear as well and become a skilled player. Maybe it actually helps everyone.

    Bad players will be bad, good will be good and will get better with experience. So, let’s allow good players of all backgrounds the chance to gain that experience. Let’s not demand that I, as a fairly new player, use an Apple II when that would just be stupid.


  5. Adgamorix said: “How hard was it in BC to get into the end game, even if you were good, simply because you didn’t have the right gear? You had to go back and spend months in SSC/TKE to get to BT/MH, and by then it’s Wrath time and you’ve never seen the Sunwell.

    You now have a pool of geared players to PUG with on your alts, use for trials, and maybe find a few diamonds to polish up and add to your raid force”.

    That pretty much sums it up as well as being able to get a alt of a skilled player leveled up fast. Casuals as well can do the same. But for a skilled player you get them geared up and ready for whatever content the guild is already on to have some impact fast.

    As said before bad players will be bad players and gear wont fix that. But experience over time may help them. Skilled players put forth the effort and do the same whether they on their main character or another. But having the means to gear up fast with the Emblems is a good thing and a welcomed one.


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