Raid Progression?

Honor’s Code on his blog some time ago asked where are you at in WotLK Progression as a poll. I remember looking at that some time ago when he posted the poll. But I’ve thought about that the whole time since as well.

Every time I log in to play WoW I’ve thought about it. Its not that I don’t know the answer, Its that the answer has been rather clear to me some time ago and at the moment I remember seeing the poll asking the question as well. We all play this game in our own way. I’m a very caparable and good raider.
Currently…….. I’m not on ANY current Raid Progression Path! After completing Naxx 25 my Raid progression last ended at Ulduar 10 at Freya Boss.

As well that’s the last time I really played my Paladin as well in a real tanking fashion.
That is at my own choosing and as a choice. I’ve written my thoughts at various times as it relates to raiding. At times I like to do my own thing and whatever that thing is.
I do enjoy raiding and have. When i’m raiding I’m core! I’m dedicated to it. I show up early, i show up repaired, I stay late. I show up fully stocked with my consumables. I read strats and do my own research. I come prepared. I’ve always done that. When it comes to regularly raiding in WoW, TIME is my enemy for a weekly regular schedule!
I never enjoy raiding for the Epics! I just enjoy it for the fun, seeing the content and being able to beat it with a group of good friends. I do have a love hate relationship with raiding as it relates to time. My work schedule is not raiding friendly since i work shifts both days and nights. So that’s not friendly to a regular raiding schedule weekly.
As well when my old guild on Zangarmarsh server died it was was my guild of a long time. It was the friends as a guild I raided with much. Sometime I pugged it and often but it felt hollow raiding in pugs with people you don’t really know or will ever see again pugging things. But when my last guild died I decided to move on to a new server, so i did. I started over on a new server. I didn’t care to go about looking for a new raiding guild, i just hate the process! As much as it is I’ve always hate joining guilds as well. I didn’t feel like getting all that much back into raiding at that time. So i didn’t. I wasn’t driven all that much by shiny purples all the time. Though they are nice as a reward. If I raided it was for fun and being able to get through the content.
So I simply started over on my server a few months back and decided to do something different for a change to avoid my burnout again. I started to level up a Shaman to lvl 80 and I did. My Shaman started his own little guild as well when he was leveling up which became somewhat his preoccupation as well. I spent time deciding to level up my DK which was at lvl 65 for what seemed forever. So I got him to lvl 80 as well just like my Shaman and geared them up both in decent gear running Heroics and H ToC for lots of Emblems. They are both in somewhat decent gear along side with my Paladin.
Those things were goals for me which i wrote about before to tie up loose ends and get done before the next expansion. I decided to level up my lvl 70 Hunter who’s been at lvl 70 for over a year. So after getting my lvl 80 Shaman and Death Knight in both I decided to lvl up my 70 Hunter who is now at 72.
So the answer is I’m not on any current raid progression path. That is purely my choice. I’m spending time doing what I want and choose to do. Don’t mean I don’t like to raid or given up raiding. I enjoy raiding for the fun aspect of it and to see the content.
Raiding just haven’t been my Focus! And that too is by choice at the moment.
In short Burnout is a bitch! So its good to focus doing other things at time. I guess I’ve been doing that. So right now I’m busy leveling my Hunter at 72.

One thought on “Raid Progression?

  1. Here, here!

    Totally concurr sir.
    It is kind of sad that as GL I do not often have time to raid (I am still 1 boss short on my Fall of Naxx achievement: Thaddius)

    But I play to have fun. I run the guild to keep together the group of epople we have, some raid, some just farm, some wander from thing to thing. I level alts and cheerlead 😉

    Had great fun in a couple great Direbrew guild runs and guild +1 pugger last night. Pugger even gave the spellpower DPS trinket to my Priest alt last night after he beat my greed roll 95 to 92. Guess he inspected Val’s gear 😛

    There’s too much to do to get bogged down in one thing; and too much RL to get bogged down in a game.

    Oh and grats on the mace win in the following post 😉

    Skarlarth and Co.


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