I Got It….Both!

Best way to ensure you get the drop you want is to do it with your guild if you can, at least your helping your own guildies out vs another. So three of us in our guild a Death Knight, Paladin and myself as the Shaman went and smack down the Brewfest Boss a while ago for todays run. Our young tank Paladin got himself the Stamina Trinket on the first go that he needed. On the second go the other AP Trinket dropped and our DK didn’t need it though I had already passed on it. He didn’t need it, so I ended picking it up on my Shaman. Great!

On the third go he dropped the new Mace Tankard. I got the Mace! It replaced my lvl 78 OH the Unholy Persuader on my Shaman which really needed replacing. I’ve been running H ToC almost daily and for the life of things i’ve never seen Aledar’s Battlestar drop ever. If it ever did drop i’m sure I be unlucky enough to have a Rogue or a Druid in the group and loose the roll as well probably. But sweet I was able to get the Brewfest Mace and upgrade my Shaman OH which was much needed! I don’t really care it looks like a Stein, as long as it can kick out dps. But it look even more humorous to be beating down a boss with a Stein or double Steins.
I relogged on my Paladin and did another go and our Death Knight got the Dodge Trinket that he needed.
Everyone was happy on our little guild run and a good day it was. Much better than doing it in a server PuG and at least the drops benefit someone in our little guild at least.
I be even happier if before Brewfest is over doing it with the guild daily I can get the other Mace for my Shaman.
Did you need it and did you get it? Probably some PuG horror stories out there already for someone that needed it and lost it i’m sure.
Updated 09/29/09: On the other daily runs of Brewfest Boss Coren so far with the guild smacking the boss daily the other Tankard mace I needed just wouldn’t drop. Was getting worried and started to think I would have to pony up on AH and buy one listed at anywhere from 1k-2.5k on AH as insurance policy for one on my Shaman. Uhh. Prices on my server for Tankard maces float anywhere from 1000k bit to 1500 buyout and up to 3k so far. I just didn’t feel like dropping the money unless I really had to though I kept a eye on the daily AH prices.
Voodoo curse be to Coren and so fortunately he has finally dropped the Tankard mace again on another guild run and I was able to pick it up. So I now dual wield double Tankard O’ Terror maces on my Enhancement Shaman. My dps rocks dual wielding and slapping around a mob with those things! Woot!
Daily runs of Coren for Brewfest we have done with a few of out young 80’s and almost everyone so far has got something they needed or all of the trinkets themselves. So great for guild runs to Coren daily. As well I picked up the Swift Brewfest Ram too from Coren on my Enhance Shaman. A Kodo Mount would have been better. But I’ll take any mount as its better than no mount at all as well. only one other guildie was lucky enough so far to have seem or gotten the Kodo Mount so far for Brewfest. Like wise the Swift Ram as well, so far.

3 thoughts on “I Got It….Both!

  1. I got the second stein for my shammy last night. Elemental is my main spec, but I wanted to have some weapons for an Enhance offspec, and I didn’t want to be rolling against mains for gear, so these are great. Considering they are at the level of gear from KT, they are great for offspec gear.


  2. I just went ahead and bought the tankards. Always wanted to try out DW Frost, and the drop rate of the hammer in H ToC 5 is terrible.

    Thus far, I like it.


  3. @ Karl. Graz on getting both. I know how excited you feel. Really nice mace for a Enhance Shammy.

    @BigFire. Gratz too on getting both! Thats a thought Dual Wield Tankard O’ Terror Maces on a DK. Hmm never thought of that.

    I’ve picked up the other Tankard O’ Terror mace. So now I dual wield both as Enhance Shaman. And they are nice slapping around a mob/boss with them. My dps rocks as well with them both. Its awesomeness.


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