Ruthless Tactics, How Do You Win?

How do you win or survive and keep at it when your doing Auction House business and when your up against this form of ruthless tactic. Tactics in my opinion that can come straight out of the Greedy Goblin’s playbook.

Location: My Server
Market: Glyphs
Item: All
Competitor: Several. But 1 “Account” player Prime Competitor who entered the market about 5-6 weeks ago.
1. Competitor post items (any glyph item) on AH often in price range of 50-60g. Pick a item that’s often the price if nothing is there first.
2. Competitor post 3-4 Items of every item under the sun.
3. Competitor 2 comes along at some point and underbid. Price is irrelevant here in scenario at what price is underbid to the competitor in question.
4. No matter how many competitors is in the market selling this one item as well all the others for this scenario you WILL BE UNDERBID back within 15 mins to 30 mins. Max 45 min to 1 hour.
5. Competitor on Underbid by any competitor will log in to the AH and Automatically delist all his items that he was underbid and ALL his items and re-list every item underbidding ANY Competitor.
6. This Competitor will underbid you or anyone else by 1 copper and no more than 5 coppers.
5. This event will occur on the Auction House All Day long and All Night long with this one competitor.
6. Competitor is on AH or logs in whenever he is underbid period!
7. Competitor is on AH sun up to just about sun up. Less likely though to be logged in in between time period of 2AM to 8AM. Though he could be logged on during that time as well.
8. Competitor sells on AH under at least 5 different characters that can be selling the same item by primarily one character used to compete. But can do it quite often on up to at least 4-5 characters. His main doesn’t really do much else in game but PvP.
9. Competitor really hates you!
10. Competitor will log in all day long OFTEN to make sure he’s not underbid and add a few more.
11. Hard to sell stuff if your being underbid and in a slow down market. If you delist your stuff its several hundred stuff to collect from mail box which takes a while to do and then re-list on AH. After you do 15-30 mins later the Competitor logs back into AH and delist his ALL his stuff and re-list his at underbid price using all tactics that has being previously stated.
12. This goes on all day non stop!
Now as a person that also tries to sell stuff along with the competitor in question how the hell do you find any pleasure in selling at the AH along side ruthless tactics like that and continue to do business where your not wasting time involved in AH stuff vs actually playing the game.
What your wasting is allot of time with a competitor like that. HOW do you Win or more less survive?

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