Maintenance Day Post 09/01/09

Reason I haven’t been posting as much is I’m just more focus at the moment with playing the game and trying to get a few goals done. Thus I’ve been a bit focused on doing that and a few other things that have me a bit tied up time wise.

For the most part I’m kinda working on some more immediate goals while planning for the future in WoW and instead of doing certain things later given all the news of recent BlizzCon in relation to the next expansion I’m doing them now and get them out the way of things first. So after leveling up my Shammy to 80 which I quite enjoyed allot I put him in some decent blues and one or two pieces of Epic. Overall his gear is ok for now.
I did pick up Dual spec on my Shammy so he’s now Enhancement/Elemental so in my off time I can practice being a range caster in mail when I may not feel like doing melee. My Shaman stands a good chance of being my #2 behind my Paladin. For all that’s uncertain I like playing him enough that he can be #1 some day possibly. Why don’t more people play Shamans? Playing a Shaman and Dropping Totems is Fun!
In the past 3+ years I’ve never been much to devote allot of time to playing alts. But at the moment it will occupy some degree of my time considering the next expansion as well and how I will choose to continue to play the game if I do. One of my focus at the moment is getting all my alts that I plan to play ducks in a row and getting it all straighten out now vs later before the new expansion gets here for Beta and more. I should have to worry less about getting a alt leveled up later in prep for the new expansion and be able to focus doing other things. So i have chosen to do things now!
Dusting off the Death Knight
So I finally decided to blow the corpse dust off my 65 DK who been brewing up business for some months with Master Inscriptions selling Glyphs in Orgrimmar since early April. It was a hard choice considering other battles he’s been fighting at the AH which in itself is another story I have to ink here. I’d forgotten how to play a DK as well. So did some research reading over several threads at the EJ forum to catch up with things and theory. But for other reasons also I started leveling up my DK which is spec’d Unholy. How opposite can you go from playing a Paladin. Holy to most Unholy!
So far I really an undecided as what to choose for my DK profession along side Inscription. So much undecided.
An Old Dear Friend
One the games I used to play before playing WoW was that I used to play SecondLife. I still do, but mostly just to log in and check up on friends that still play there and see what’s happening. I probably started playing that around the exact time WoW started. But I had never heard of WoW back then. Back then SecondLife was interesting to me, more so for just being able to create your own stuff, model stuff, designing stuff and just creating whatever you wanted on a blank canvas. I enjoy being able to create stuff and actually enjoy rendering models as well as enjoying texturing and texturing model creation. So I played that for a while. During that time I remember meeting several friends some of whom also happen to also play WoW as well today.
One of my Secondlife friend Val who helped me learn that game and someone I used to build stuff with in Secondlife when I did plays WoW as well. On another server she played as a Alliance raid healing Priest. She asked me to join her on her server as …. Allaince. But I couldn’t agree to play Alliance as a die hard Horde. So she eventually decided to roll Horde on my server as a DK and level up on my server but be fun as well leveling up with her. So one the reason I reluctantly dusted off my DK and started leveling him up for more the social game of things. Its been a bit fun leveling with someone else for a change vs my usual solo leveling atmosphere which I usual enjoy.
So its been able to run a few Northrend dungeons with Val for fun as well a few guildies leveling up as well in the same level range which was rather fun. So last night we had all guildie run doing UK, Nexus and AN. Was all fun as a young small guild group leveling up. Somewhat more important since its my Shaman’s guild as well which he started somewhere around lvl 5 or so with all low lvl players mostly. My Shaman mostly out leveled everyone else. So coming of age playing my DK a few of us ran some new Northrend dungeons last night, so was fun.
Other Stuff to Do
I’ll probably go ahead and level up my 70 Hunter when I get my DK to 80 since he has 2 pieces of Heirlooms the shoulder and the chest piece of mail to use left over from leveling my Shaman to put to good use. Hunters level pretty fast so it should also be another minor detour on my off time. I’ll probably get my 22 Druid out of Tarren Mills and attempt to level him up to 60+ as the last character I’ll ever level in the World of Azeroth as it is today before the next expansion changes things. That will be my collection of playing characters, none of whom wear cloth. As well all the minor alt distractions will be out of the way ahead of time for the next expansion so can just focus on things at lvl 80 with whichever character in the game at hand.
Preparing for Cataclysm
I’ve been thinking about the next expansion much and what I’ll probably roll as a character to level in the new experience of Azeroth transformed anew. Horde will get the new Goblin race. I Worgen just looks more roguish and evil fun to play. But I’m for the Horde! And Goblins do look roguish as well. Sticking will all things melee I’ll probably end up rolling a Rogue. I did level a BE Rogue once to 20 so I somewhat played the class before. So what that means I’ll have to prepare and get me a set of lvl 1-80 Heirlooms in preparation for the new journey from 0-80 in Cataclysm.
My 22 Druid already have 1 piece of Leather Heirloom Shoulders which I can eventually use for my future Goblin Rogue. Will just need to collect the rest gaining lots of new Champion Seals. Then preparing for Cataclysm will be complete and out of the way as well as worrying about leveling any other alts based on current proposed classes.
If your going to be playing the new expansion, it really will be a damn smart idea if your already lvl 80 to start collecting a full set of Heirloom for your future character. I guess it helps as well knowing just what your going to play so you know what to get or how much Seals you will need to complete a set whichever you decide if you cant already decide.
I can tell you for sure 10% XP rate with one Heirloom Shoulder piece is nice. 20% XP rate with Heirloom Chest is awesome. If Blizz adds a 3rd piece for 30% XP rate leveling a Alt it will be Damn sure Awesome leveling from 0-80. Go get you some if you aren’t already got some.

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