Yes Tobold, I Do Read Your Theory Posts to!

And actually Tobold, I even read everything else as well on your blog. Hell I even read all the comments when I read your post at the moment I’m reading it. Most of the time I read your blog at work while working and when I’m bored for something to read as well I go catch up on your old posts I may have missed. But often I really don’t comment as often, sometime its just silent agreement why I don’t really have a reason to comment. At other times I don’t have a point of view on the matter.

But I figure since I have a blog, why just leave a comment on your blog about your Theory Post. I can make a post right here about it because for some unclear reason I feel compelled to respond when at other times I haven’t to a post you so intelligently though of and wrote.
This was from one commenter on his blog on the theory post by Pangoria Fallstar.

“A couple of points for you, you post ALOT, since the last time I checked your page you did 4+ posts.

2nd, sometimes you say something that people don’t have an opinion on, or they’re opinion matches yours.

3rd, I had wanted to add to what was said to the why we play series, but what I had to say was already said by someone else, so no opinion was needed.

I guess if I could just vote a comment up it would work out, but I don’t think blogger allows for that.”

Their are lots of other commenter’s that I can agree with some more than others but I do agree with this one above as well in my own personal opinion.
I’ve been reading Tiebold’s blog a very long time. I may not always read it everyday or as soon as a post goes up, but I do catch up when I can and go back and read the posts I miss if I haven’t read it. I do that for other blogs as well I read. Often I read his blog at work or in just dead time when I’m not doing much which falls into the same time I usually catch up with allot of blogs I often read as well. So I do go back and read old post as it will be new to me when I do eventually read it.
As a blogger Tobold and in the time I’ve read your blog I’ve grown to respect your opinion and the intelligence as well as time you put into the things you write about if it be game or theory or something else worldly. I may not always agree with 100% of everything you write. Sometime I agree and sometime I differ but I’ll respect your opinion as to why you believe what you do. I find much and most of what you write a good and often very interesting read which spurs many different sets of thoughts.
Sometime as well I really don’t have any prior point of view on the subject and sometime when I do my opinion is also limited thus no reason to respond to your post but to just roll what you wrote around in my head and think about it finding it all interesting. For the times you do write things that I have some knowledge or opinion on then its somewhat something I can respond to. Any other blog as well. But then someone already wrote a response what I agree with and nothing more really I choose to add to your comments.
Tobold you think and ponder allot of interesting stuff about MMO games and game design as well as write interesting points of view that are often very interesting to read and ponder. Sometime more less often its a interesting point of view I haven’t had before and now something new to ponder. So a response to what you may have written I really don’t have a opinion one way or the other on the subject though it remain interesting all the same to read and be made aware.
Its much easier to respond to a point of view that your passionate about or have some experience with the point of view or opinion. Making a comment is much easier as thoughts are not hard to find. So in response to your series of “Why Do We Play?” I did read and really enjoy your series posts just like any other posts you often write. It was allot to take in. Though long, I found them intelligently written and made me think about things as well game design wise. Actually I’m still thinking. Sometime its like reading a White Paper on a technical article I often read for work stuff.
I enjoy reading your post because its often something interesting that no one else or few bloggers writes about from the point of view that you write or ask questions about games and game design like you do. I’m not a person that studies game. I just play games, yet I do find game design and the social science of it all interesting as well. I like and enjoy things that makes me think about things or a opinion piece that makes me think or even to make me be a bit informed on that which I’m unaware and now made aware.
I’ll probably read whatever you choose to write about because I do enjoy reading your point of view on things or being informed on things I didn’t know I might be interested in. So don’t stop writing what you write just because you don’t get a blog full of comments when you take the time to write something very interesting. There will always be much more people reading your blog than who will ever comment even if its something really interesting you wrote. If you want allot of comments fast just write something controversial like “Why WoW Sucks as a game”or something that gets people stirred up like a few popular bloggers in our community. You will get hundreds of comments for sure. But keep posting what you often post and I’ll keep reading……even if I don’t comment as often. I’m sure many others do as well.
So Tobold, keep keeping me and many others informed with intelligently written post and opinions. I can’t speak for others, but I’ll be sure to keep reading maybe comment when I have a opinion I can express.
I got lurkers around here as well. I know they are there but they never really ever comment. I’m perfectly fine with that as well since I never worry to much about comments. I just write about whatever I want to write or whatever interest me to write.
And with that “Why do I play”? Hmm I keep pondering that myself……….

4 thoughts on “Yes Tobold, I Do Read Your Theory Posts to!

  1. what a nice celebration post to Tobold! He definitely deserved it, as the Nestor of MMO-blogging, an icon that others, at least I, look up to.

    I hope he can get those silly “do people hate those posts, there are so few comments” ideas out if his head now. The overwhelming reception of his question, where most commenters said that they really appreciated his series, should be enough for him to feel confident in the quality and the interest for his own writing.


  2. I don’t think the number of lurkers should be underestimated. There are always posts I make on my blog where I wonder if anyone’s paying attention, but I look at feedburner and I see 50 times the number of people who’ve ever commented on a single post. The vast majority of people just lurk, and if they have nothing to add they won’t. Tobold shouldn’t worry about it.


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