Screenshots: Meeting the Man…again!

Haven’t done one for screenshots for a while. Nothing that interesting to screenshot these days, its all been seen before at this point. Anyway my other half meeting the man himself no doubt.

But anyway as your well aware you know I’m a bit busy leveling my Enhancement Shaman and working hard it as my work schedule allows. Anyway just dropped in to say I just hit lvl 72 and questing in Dragonblight. And that playing with Totems while dual wielding Windfury/Flametongue weapon while Earth Shocking and procing Maelstrom and throwing Lightning Blots/Chain Lightning which crits while Windfury procs at the same time is indeed fun. Makes you spirit grin with awesomeness. Shamans really are fun as the old saying goes, they really are. I’m enjoying the versatility of a hybrid playing as a Shaman or learning the ways of one I should also say.
He’ll eventually end up a dual spec as a Enhancement/Elemental Shaman.

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