Midsummer Update

Well the Midsummer Fire Festival is over and really to say the least I’m not sure what it was all about. Other than running all over the face of the Azeroth lighting flames for buffs, quest stealing the enemy flames and doing allot of ribbon dancing I’m not sure what the Fire Festival was all about otherwise nor did I even bother to check either. But do know the Ribbon dancing was nice for the 10% XP boost and that helped get my new Enhancement Shaman Voodooweaver with his Heirloom shoulders for another 10% XP up to lvl 42 during the Festival event.

So no I didn’t log a million miles flying or running all over Azeroth chasing flames. I’m liking being a Under Achiever! So no my Paladin didn’t do anything for the Fire Festival nor did I care to for any reason or flame achievement. I think his plate is getting a bit rusty since he hasn’t done much in a while as well either. I’ve being focusing on leveling my Shaman that’s why as a distraction to avoid the burnout factor.
I’m just a bit focus when I’m playing WoW with something in mind “to do”. So no my Shaman didn’t run all over the far corners of Azeroth either chasing flames for the Fire Festival. He just did the ones he ran into where ever he was questing and if he didn’t see them then he didn’t care or worried about it either. His focus was just being laid back questing and learning Shamanistic ways while making constant progress. His focus was not to run all over the place doing other things, not his or my focus either! So for the Midsummer Fire Festival I lived up to being a under achiever of not achieving anything leet for the Holiday Festival. Well done! I know my priorities when I have them and tend to stick to it.
But getting to lvl 42 was satisfied progress. As well my Shaman is now in zones he more enjoy questing overall like Tanaris and Feralas. I never tend to spend much time in STV anyway if I can help it, just never did for no reason at all. But overall I’m enjoying playing the Shaman and he seem to be getting more powerful beyond lvl 35. He dual wields melee weapons and that quite fun! Even more fun post lvl 40 and finally getting to wear mail gear. Not as good as Plate but of well.
At times playing a Shaman reminds me much of leveling my Paladin. They both melee and both drank allot for mana as well. But its gotten easier in learning how to play. One thing I’m learning is never knew Shamans has some many damn Totems they always tote around all the time. Windfury is fun though when it procs and double fun on two 1 hand weapons at my level. What sucks is the amount of misses you can get on hits. But overall stuff still dies fast and after leveling a Paladin Protection all the way everything since seems faster to level in comparison to way back then. But back then I did that to master skills of the class in how I like to play.
My Shaman does Enchanting and Herbalism. Enchanting because its something different to do and seem fun to have a enchanter of my own. My Paladin always collect tons of green gear that needs to be disenchanted for dusts so good to have one my own to do my deeds. Plus he can enchant his own stuff. So his enchanting is about 250+ so in line with leveling at his level. But Enchanting is rather expensive to level as I remember all the nice green stat gear he has disenchanted so far for dusts and mats to lvl up. Most all from stuff he collects on drops or a main quick dungeon run for green gear. Herbalism is about 265+ and mainly well its fun picking flowers as low impact gathering for expensive herbs. Not much else to say there.
So until them just rolling through the levels on my Shaman. At least 2 levels a day for steady progress if I can and just having fun at it. I like doing things at a steady rate of progress that’s just me. But it also what I tend to focus on if I’m doing something like that as well. So its less time blogging and more time being busy at what I need to do. Afteral your not playing a whole lot if your too busy writing and not busy playing the game making progress!
I keep reminding myself daily, have fun playing the game. Having headaches is too much for a game to deal with.

One thought on “Midsummer Update

  1. I totally agree with you on the burnout factor. I have a 72 Warlock that I got burned out with pre-patch 3.1. I was hoping to get back into him recently but he’s sat in Northredn for all this time and I rerolled Paladin.
    Best thing I ever did. Healing and DPS is so much more fun than toting a pet around and DOT’ing.
    I’ll go back to my lock someday, maybe when Blizzard introduce teh faction changes and I can roll a pretty BElf.
    My Human Paladin is 63 right now and been doing 2 level after work every night pretty much for the last couple of weeks to get myself back to the frozen north. I’m enjoying BG’s way more and even joined my first guild in 3yrs of playing simply because my Paladin has made me appreciate WoW so much more.


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