Minor Distraction

A bit distracted playing leveling my Shaman a bit. Taking a little break. A bit hard to focus writing allot when I need to be busy trying to level when I can. So i’m a bit distracted at the moment.

Yeah I did read all the Patch 3.2 notes obviously and have being keeping up on things somewhat. I’m sure you read all the analysis on all the other Paladins blog around the block and already have things covered.
Exocism nerf sucks. Especially for Protection the real big shaft. I guess its not back to a pulling spell with Exorcism and then fire AS for its only usefulness.
I love the new Ardent Defender change for Protection. Gee wonder why. Hey GC don’t nerf me bro!

Retribution Paladins getting shafted obviously.
The amount of QQ & Elitism about all the Emblems change is just pure obnoxious!

I’m not getting too excited just yet about all the changes though until it all somehow makes it live. Blizzard have a history of raising Paladins expectations and then nerfing us hard before things goes live.

Can only hope for the best of things with 3.2. I don’t plan on getting any ulcers over Patch 3.2 worrying about nothing I can control. I sure know some people will though.
Back to playing my Shaman…. with the extra 10% XP boost from the Fire Festival Ribbon bonus.
Remember Why You Play!
Ardent Defender wishes that you have a fun time playing World of Warcraft. If not what’s the point of it all. I’m just here for Fun!

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