Professions Based Titles Coming Soon..

Hot News: Reading my Blue Tracker I saw this Blue Post from Blizzard about Profession Based Titles. Yes something everyone all have in common, we all have our respected professions. And for all you High and Over Achievers something else to keep you slaving away with your precious time with whatever requirements Blizzard comes up with to get it. Blue link Here.

I think it will be very cool to have Profession based Titles. Why did it take them so long to figure that one out. As for me I’ve always taken my professions all seriously and max level every one of them. As serious as making money itself, but that’s just a character trait I have game wise. 
So for my Paladin that’s primarily max level Alchemy & Mining. I brewed up thousands of Elixirs and Potions back in BC running the Alchemy business machine not that much of it was tracked either since that was added later for WotLK. A Alchemist Title be very cool. And secondary professions max lvl First Aid, Cooking & Fishing. I’ve caught a lot of fish as well just passing the times at the fishing holes around. Did I mention before that fishing is highly profitable? Yeap it is.
Now for all you profession procasinators get cracking on those last few skill points so you be set when those new profession titles show us real soon and show how LEET and skilled you all are with new Titles. After all Blizzard says they are coming sometime soon. I just hope they give those titles some really cool names as well with whatever the requirements are for them each.

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