Death and the Aftermath

Haven’t felt like really writing much of anything for over a week now. My Guild after the news that our GM Warrior/Tank Zantetsuken was quitting WoW and focusing on RL for the summer and a while the guild just died a slow death. Though Zan didn’t say much else, can’t help but feel much of it was related to endgame raiding, guild raider dedication and gearing, content completion but thats just my take on things.

I’ve being with my guild form the very beginning. I signed the original charter when we had a GM Warlock at the time, and great guy he was. He and his wife ran the guild back then. I had met them in a Heroic SH 5 man PuG and a few other Heroics way back in TBC. The guild grew and we raided Kara back then. In time RL comes for us all and our GM at the end of TBC stopped playing to deal with RL and he turned the guild over to Zantetsuken the guild Warrior MT. So the guild was reformed into another guild with most the members remaining.
Zantetsuken was a great GM and fun guy. He managed to keep a sometime disfunctional guild together dispute all the growing pains.Was always fun to raid with him or Co-tank. He had more costumes than stars. Not sure how he fit them all in his bag. He would switch them out when ever we had a raid break and he pace back and forth. Was always too funny the costumes he had. We was the guild highest achiever as well. He was a great Warrior/Tank and GM. Even when I had chances to move on to other guild, I never did. I really enjoyed raiding with our GM and liked our often disfunctional guild. Because I did I never choose to move on. We make our own choices and that was mine and was always fine with it.
When Zantetsuken decided to call it quits and that we would all have to move on to find other guilds it was really sad news. The Guild was 14/15 Heroic Naxx, 4/4 Reg/Heroic OS, 4/13 Ulduar. Some of those raids I could not attend due to my work schedule like the guild first kills in Ulduar. But sad news it was that many the people you grew and geared up playing the game with way back when in TBC was going to be no more. Many had moved on. Many stayed and helped the guild. At the guild core was most the original members at heart despite all those that came, stayed and left for other other guilds in time.
After the guild news. Many of our best players started leaving the guild. Some transfered to other servers, some decided to maybe reform the guild on a pvp server. I’m not much for a pvp server. Some left and rejoined other guild on the server. Many people quit playing WoW or not renew their accounts. Few decided to stick around until whenever. Our GM pretty much stopped logging on as well. Day by day the guild bled to what seemed like a slow death. It was really depressing!
As for myself I felt really sad for the guild and having to decide what now. I share no great love of having to find or joining guilds. I barely played for several days. Nothing  felt like fun to do.The game didn’t feel fun, nothing did. Finishing up the Argent Tournament didn’t feel fun anymore so I didn’t do any for days. I should of being done with the AT by now. It was already feeling like a Job. It felt even less fun to fly up to Icecrown and do AT quests. The fact that the guild was dying took all the fun out of the game. So I did nothing for a few days. Eventually I decided to move on myself. Though I knew allot of players on my server, many good guilds and players in them. I just choose to move on else where. 
So I’ve had to put my business affairs in order and straighten out my alt banks and their AH business. I decided to scout out a new server just playing around a bit. So having done that I eventually decided to Nesingwary server which is one the newest servers as of 03/09. After being guildless for almost a week found me a new guild Vanity that’s already doing endgame content. 
When a guild your apart of dies it can suck all the fun out of the game. I’ll miss the old disfunctional guildies. I guess thats what made much of it all fun. Headaches and all.

And yes just in case you ever wondered, I’m still the same person writing this blog who started writing it in the beginning and I only write this blog only. Read Tobold’s blog  or a dozen others. Its ashame really. I actually read through many of Ferarro’s guildes more so the Ret ones which are really goood. I’ve had her blog linked in blogs I read for some time because I read allot and lots of misc blogs or whatever is of interest. Sucks of Epic proportion though.

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