First Night In 10 Man Ulduar

Was on and wasn’t doing too much at the time. Lots of people has left the guild and gone wherever so nothing scheduled to do. Saw someone in Trade asking for dps or OT for Ulduar. So said why not and answered and got a Invite to a smaller guild on the server 10 man raid. They really needed a OT since their usual tank wasn’t on so ended up doing that the whole run as the OT.

I was just glad to be able to see the place really. They seems like a good guild group so was using their Vent and got good instruction learning all the fights. First time though you just kinda taking it all in. Quite a bit to have to remember for the Tank and OT so I cant say I remember half of what I was told. But having being there re-reading some strats at the research department will make more sense at this point. 

Only one tanking loot dropped a Belt off Razorscale. The DK MT rolled a 99. Kinda hard to beat that. Rolled a 80 so he got it which was good. It was their guild run so all good. A few badges and seeing the place was just good enough for me. So we ended up killing 4 bosses.
We headed to the Antechamber and decided to do Kologarn the really huge boss with the arm standing by the bridge. We kinda got stuck on him due to the adds and the eye beam killing people. Each wipe something else went wrong where someone was lost at the beginning of the fight and it was pretty much a goner at that point. After several wipes on that boss the raid was called there. 
Overall I was just glad to pick up 4 new Emblems of Valor and get to see the place which was really fun to say the least and have a little experience in Ulduar. The guild enjoyed me OTing for them. So I guess I’m on standby if im not doing much and what remains of my guild aren’t doing much either for Ulduar. Will see I guess.
I couldn’t really remember to take any clean raid shots. I had re-mapped my UI keys and I completely forgot that I also changed the keys that I use to remove my UI to take pictures. Will have to fix that later since I have no idea what its suppose to be at this point having changed the keys.

3 thoughts on “First Night In 10 Man Ulduar

  1. The default “Hide UI” bind is Alt-Z.

    And congrats on getting to see some of the fun Ulduar has to offer. 😉


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