Saying Goodbye to “Out of Mana”

Megan at Out of Mana a fellow blogger has decided to give up blogging and maybe quit WoW and move on as well. She also locked the post for no comments as well. So i’ll make mine here 🙂 in a post of my own.
Megan has been around just about as long as I’ve been around here on this blog as well myself when they were lot less WoW blogs then there now. She among one my very first readers and supporters as well helpful as well in comments. Those things are noticeable. But many other fellow bloggers seem to be quitting is this a trend? 
I can understand that very very well having taken my several breaks from WoW. Sometimes you have to leave and go do other things in RL it happens. RL has a way of getting you to focus on its needs. And it will happen to You! Megan has always being very witty and often very color full in words in how she has written her blog often PvP oriented as well in the long time she’s been around. Megan you will be missed in the community. But whatever you choose to move on and do, I can only wish you well as well and much success. We all have to leave and move on at some point! Guess when your OOM your really OOM.

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