WTB Glyph of Divine Plea, Where?

Has anyone being able to find this Glyph or make it as yet. Can’t seem to find anyone on even my server that can find it or make it as yet. Anyone seen it yet on server? I’m guessing its probably discovered through Northrend Inscription Research or by some other means since it doesn’t seem to be at a Inscription trainer. If so may be a while before spotting it on AH is common. 
If your trained in high lvl Inscription you need to start doing some research to find these new recipes added in Patch 3.1 or go out and start killing lots of Northrend mobs to find these books that drop from them that has these new recipes. So you can help your local Tankadins out on your server. 
I dare say when found it will probably be expensive due to high demand and short initial supply. That’s just AH economics to me. Someone will make a killing on AH. Tip

2 thoughts on “WTB Glyph of Divine Plea, Where?

  1. I believe that the Glyph is learnt from either Inscription Research or the new < HREF="http://www.wowhead.com/?item=45912" REL="nofollow">Books of Glyph Mastery<> (random world drops). And yeah, demand for this will be bloody high.


  2. I managed to buy one on Silvermoon only a few minutes after the server came up on patch day. I think I paid 30G or so, which isn’t bad for a seemingly rare glyph. Now I just need Glyph of HotR, which I hope to find tonight.


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