Patch 3.1 Is Here

The entire WoW seems all too delighted with the new patch happening. As well new stuff to do pillaging the new raid dungeon of Ulduar for its spoils and duel specing.

I’ve barely had time to be bored with the current content since i haven’t been at it for months like most people that was all too bored already. I’ve barely been to Naxx less than 5 times and only on Heroics with the guild. I haven’t given a care in the world to being worried about spending any extra effort doing anything with achievement. If it happened in the course of doing something it just happen that way.

So being trying to catch up with new stuff coming in 3.1 when I can, which haven’t being all that much either.

Duel Spec
Honestly I really don’t care that much about duel specing on my character. After all I’ve never respec at the trainer ever but for Protection spec the entire time playing my Paladin. I don’t pvp so never had a use to respec either. But with patch 3.1 Duel Spec is now in the game now and I barely have 1500g saved up that I hate to have to spend 1Kg for dual spec. I’ll probably go what I consider broke in my book by picking up Duel Spec when I make it to the trainer. So with 100% certainty I’ll go Ret for Duel Spec as I don’t do healing. On some my Heroic runs Tanking I’ve picked up a few good pieces of Ret pieces when no one else needed them so they will get some good use maybe.

I don’t have much of any opinion. But I hear and read lots of damage (AoE) to go around so need good tanking gear and good geared raid groups. I’m not sure how well my guild is prepared for Ulduar since we are somewhat short of healers. And you need very good healers there as well. You probably won’t see Ulduar getting pugged like you see 10 man OS or Naxx like every min in trade chat on your server. All things otherwise I’m reading stuff just like you do too on Ulduar. The Blizz Trailer is really cool too.

New Protec Spec for 3.1?
I’m not quite as sure yet. But I’m thinking I’ll probably go with a spec of 0/53/18 or so for my own personal main spec picking up Crusade than going with a generic cookie cutter spec. You pick your own flavor of a spec for your own reasons. As for a Ret Dual Spec I’ll probably go with a generic one since I’m much less likely to be dueling as a Ret unless its for some unknown reason though I’ll be less likely to be running around as a Ret except to refine the playing skills in that spec. Who knows maybe I’ll just have 2 viable Protect Specs as a choice maybe. I’m really not as yet sure I really want to have to maintain 2 very different sets of Plate gear when I already have to maintain various sets for my main spec as it is.

Updated: I think i’ll settle on this spec and glyph together most likely as a personal choice. Will keep a few of these for personal flavor when desired. Not much good choices for minor Glyphs as usual.

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