The Pitch & The 31 Day Blog Challenge

I’m not sure just where to start writing here. Matticus over at “World of Matticus the exceptional blogger that he is has thrown out a challenge of sort to to other WoW community bloggers either to come up with or refine a Elevator Pitch about a blogger’s blog. Your own Blog! He does do while participating in ProBlogger 31 Days of Building a Better Blog. ProBlogger a blog which I also subscribe to and read outside of WoW for quite some time.

So whats a Elevator Pitch? According to Wikipedia.

An elevator pitch (or elevator speech) is an overview of an idea for a product, service, or project. The name reflects the fact that an elevator pitch can be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride (for example, thirty seconds and 100-150 words) Wikipedia

My Journey & Perspective

Most people on my WoW Realm don’t know that I blog about WoW or rather that I blog about anything at all. I don’t think they rather care that I do or maybe and that don’t bother me much either. But from time to time I’ve being /w by many that came across my blog by some means and found it interesting that I actually did blog and enjoyed the read.

Very few people in my own Guild if any even know that I blog or that I have done so for quite some time. Or that they are aware that I blog about anything interesting. I’m sure they would be surprised to know I blog. But then I don’t even know if they care that I do either. I can only think of one member in my own guild that was totally surprised that I did and let me know that they read here.

I don’t think I’m exceptional either. But I do put forth the effort to blog and in some regular fashion over the 3 years or so minus a hiatus. Its not easy to keep up blogging daily or weekly as it can be time consuming effort. I do this out of pure fun and enjoyment about the game I play. The same game that you also play.

So whats my blog about? What has it ever been about all this time? Whats my Elevator Pitch? My blog is Ardent Defender and its simple about exactly what it says under the title:

“The Life and Times of one Dedicated Protection Paladin in World of Warcraft“. The various Perspectives of A Tankadin and the World he lives In.

Its about my World and my unwavering Dedication to my class and the spec that I play. Its about my journey as a tank from where I was, navigating the rough waters of Azeroth to some unknown chartered destination. Its my journey and the various perspective that I have from my own personal experience and point of view on that journey as a tanking class and a player. But a player dedicated to his class. I often reflect and teach through my own experience and give my perspective as such.

I did refine the title a little bit, but maybe I’m the only one that remember exactly what it said before. Over the course of almost 3 years I’ve stayed pretty much consistent with the theme of my blog. I blog about the life and experiences, trials and setbacks of my one character and my thoughts of the game and life within it.

I’m not sure how much more I can refine my own blog title for a Elevator Pitch. I’m not sure how great a job I do writing here. But I’ve stayed pretty close to my own blog theme in my own little corner of this community.

Ardent Defender is about my life and times as a Paladin (Tankadin). Its perspective from my experiences, trial and setbacks. I share about my journey through the World of Warcraft. Its not about Theorycrafting or number crunching, because I leave that to the pro’s who has that kind of time. I do have perspective and I share those as well reflecting on my own wisdom and experience.

Its about my life and times…. and that is what I choose to write about and reflect on from my own perspective.

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