Camera Wide Angle View

I was doing OS the other day and was having a hard time seeing the flames all around and what I would of liked to see with the boss all over my screen. So figured had to be a better way to get a far out zoom wide angle view of the entire seeing instead of the Boss filling up my view screen on my UI. So went looking around and eventually found a short useful thread on the WoW Forums with what I was looking for with this script:

/script SetCVar (“cameraDistancemax” ,50)

You type the script in chat and you should then be able to zoom out far at max distance a with wide angle view on your mouse of all around. Much easier than the WoW Interface. It seems to save the setting on relogging. Makes a huge difference on what you can see with a group when your up close looking at a big boss in a instance or raid. So just though it be useful to someone else putting it up here.

4 thoughts on “Camera Wide Angle View

  1. Galoheart,Just a quick point. I used the same script a while ago to enable me to zoom out more. It functions as intended but can cause some errors. I was getting a number of “unable to get value…” errors almost constantly. After talking to Blizz it ended up it was this that did it. Had to get thme to reset it for me, as its saved server side now, not in WTF folders etc.So just use with some caution.Keep safe, and keep bloggin’!Ed aka Audere (Dragonmaw, EU)


  2. Thanks, will keep that in mind incase I ever get any errors. So far I haven’t gotten any. So maybe it could of being affected by some addons maybe for errors when it did happen.So far though it’s working great being able to see more which is imensly helpful. Thanks for the heads up though.


  3. It could very well have been add-on related.Glad its helping. A fight like Sartharion is a prime example of the usefulness of this script. Now why doesn’t Blizz give a wider camera view?/peace


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