One The Hardest Things About Playing WoW..

Is that we all live in another plane of existence and that reality is called Real Life being much much different than the World of Azeroth in all that it demands of us, our time, obligations and commitments in its various forms.

Whats often tough is finding that balance with Real Life & the things we care about there and this addictive fun game we all enjoy playing and talking about as well.

I can say I totally understand. I can say I’ve been there. I can say making choices are not ever easy with things you enjoy doing or fun to do. But often choices you and all of us at some point in various stages of our life will have to make. Sometime we face and make those choices more than once as well in maintaining a balance. Many of us will eventually understand the choice you made though saddened. But we understand its for the best for the person behind that keyboard that’s still in touch with the reality called Real Life and all its complications.

We never forget the player and how they inspire us, their community impact, yet their presence will be greatly missed as well.

/Salute BRK of BigRedKitty. I can say I totally understand. I know just whats it like as well and its not a easy choice. Wish you well and hope you come back much stronger!

Sometimes each of us all needs a break from all of this to focus on other things of importance and rebalance our lives. Its not the end though.

One thought on “One The Hardest Things About Playing WoW..

  1. Hey Galo,Love the blog, always stop by when I think to…I gotta say I feel the same way about BRK. I wrote about it on my own blog a little, but its hard to imagine his feelings.The game can suck you in, but as long as you can play casually and keep priorities straight (which WoW does not make easy for a lot of people) it can be a fun


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