A Few Heroics

Just being running some Heroics and a few with some guildies so just got enough Emblems to pickup Libram of Obstruction. Heroic HoL was fun with exception to Loken in H.HoL after biting the dust a few times but it was all good fun and repair bills, ouch. We got him after a few dances and miss steps and finding out what strat works and what don’t work with our guild Holy Paladin healer. What’s your best strat to beating Loken on Heroics?

Got revered with The Wyrmrest Accord and picked up a few pieces of blue faction gear there. Picked up Royal Crest of Lordearon from H.Cot for a extra shield to my Titansteel Shield Wall. Can’t hurt to have a few extra shields though it does look really nice as well.
Just working on leveling up all my other weapon skills killing time. As well working on Sons of Hodir reps to reach Exalted from Honored and getting from Revered to Exalted with the Argent Crusade so I can eventually get a new Title soon. 

4 thoughts on “A Few Heroics

  1. The biggest lesson for me was: you don’t need to run that far to get out of the lightning nova. Just past the ring created is the 20 yard distance, and if you run too far away you take too much damage from the aura.I’ve healed this heroic as a holy pally, and if you’re not keyboard-turning or backing up to get out of the nova it’s not that hard.


  2. What we do is put a mark on my head and just keep everyone with me the whole time. I made a macro for a raid warning to run away, because I usually see the nova first. Then we just run backwards when he novas until he is dead.


  3. This isn’t really how it’s meant to be done, but if you’ve got a paladin healer and enough plate DPS it’s very possible to just keep all DPS in for the nova and heal out of it afterward. Gets you an achievement to down him that quickly too.This strategy is completely dependent on the squishiness of your party.


  4. Thanks for the various tips and i guess each may be workable depending on the group you may have so helpfull.I did run H.HoL yesterday and this time we had a Druid healer with everyone over 13K HP unbuffed and we just did the all close to the boss strat and the Druid just healer through it much easily and we got the achievement for the under 2 mins kill of Loken. I guess it all depends on your group as well as kind of healer.


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