Slow Progress… lvl 71

I hit lvl 71 about a week ago when I restarted playing again and felt good to just progress a little. I haven’t had any or much time since to play leveling up. 

Actually haven’t really thought about play much either, i’ve had other things to worry about and consume my interest. I guess if I said I was a bit busy dating then that can be somewhat understandable.
Before I quit playing I gave away all my accumulated character wealth of around 20k gold and all the mats I had to a guildie friend as well. I had given away completely everything, with the exception of my characters equipped armor only. So its being fun so far starting all over from completely broke and nothing and having to make and earn money all over again. I can find the fun in that playing. I don’t have any thoughts on anything at the moment, everything is just new to me again.
Some my guildies as glad to see me back playing for what its worth. I’m just getting used to actually playing my character again, even that can take some practice after some absence not playing. So far I don’t really have any goals in mind at the moment, playing is just for fun. And if I feel like logging in to go fishing I guess I can just do that and have no worries. 

2 thoughts on “Slow Progress… lvl 71

  1. Hope you are enjoying the fun that is Wrath. I mentioned in one of my blogs that i’ve found the storyline in wrath to be so much better than BC. It’s good to take a break and do RL stuff, i do that all the time to refocus myself.Have fun 🙂


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