Have Fun in Northrend!

I know the new expansion launches tonight. How could one not know or be aware of it. I had even ordered the CE set myself some months ago at my local Game Stop. But anyway times have changed and at this point have not being playing the game. Irregardless I may still pick up the game as i’m sure to eventually play it at some point again. However at this point just want to wish you all well in Northrend whatever you choose to do when you get there.

No I didn’t re-roll anything. I just haven’t being playing the game for my own reasons or have quit playing at this point. I did cancel both my accounts since not playing as well. Players do quit and some eventually get resurrected just like in Raids. In WoW death is never permanent unless you just about completely delete your character account and maybe your blog as well. I did delete everything else except to my character and give away all the money my characters had so flat broke since don’t need it now anyway not playing. But I’m keeping the blog though 🙂

Just choosing to do other things in my free time for now at this point and fine with it. I still read some blogs in my free time as that’s much easier to do. But not that much reasons to blog much not playing the game as well. But the game will always be there till that point I feel like getting back around to it if nothing better game wise. A much different game I’m sure by then, though i’ve already done the leveling game once already to Northrend having played and leveled in Beta.

Wishing you all lots of new Fun and Adventure in Northrend. Hold onto your Wallets and don’t go broke on the new Continent because their will be plenty of stuff to take all your money in Northrend. Right now just enjoying my 6 weeks of much needed vacation off from work. Too bad I won’t be playing WoW though in that time. At some point in the future… perhaps if nothing better!



  • “plenty of stuff to take all your money”?Why didn’t you warn us before now!?& WTF at you deleting your char. That sucks… best of luck none the less. I’ll be keeping it prot!Hope you enjoy your vacation both from work & from WoW.Best RegardsDann of< HREF="http://blog.dannsmith.co.uk" REL="nofollow">Sacred Shield<>

  • Congratulations, you beat the game. 🙂But seriously, best of luck to you. Always enjoyed your blog. Thank you for all your hard work. And yeah.. who knows… maybe you’ll come back. You’re certainly not the first (or even millionth) person to quit and then come back.

  • No, didn’t delete character. Just empty all bags and all bank of everything else and gave it all away. Cant use all that money if not playing. Just the character remains though.Just good to do other things for now. But the dead do resurrect in Azeroth quite often, no less so in raids.

  • Galo, sorry to hear you go! You blog was the inspiration for my own!If anyone feels lonely, feel free to stop by my blog over at http://iwearplate.blogspot.com/All Things Plate…Guaranteed!

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