Ardent Defender

The Tipping Point


The Tipping Point is a Best Seller Book by Malcolm Gladwell. Its one of my many favorite Books and one of many of the books I’ve read when I used to actually read lots of actual “Books”. These days I’ve tend to read many blogs. The sad thing is I can’t remember the last time I read a actual real Book recently either.

“The Tipping Point is that Magic Moment when an Idea, Trend, or Social Behavior crosses a threshold, Tips and Spread like Wildfire. Just as a single sick person can start an epidemic of the flu, so too can a small but precisely targeted push cause a fashion trend, the popularity of a new product, or a drop in the crime rate”.

We all make million of choices everyday, many subconsciously. Everyday many of those thoughts or choices tip one way or the other followed by a choice which leads to an action or a thought of some kind. Sometimes its weighing the choices on a balance scale with a game perhaps.

I believe at some point something whatever it may be in the grand scheme of all things something will cause your or I to reach your own Tipping Point in whatever those millions of collective thoughts are. At that point things begin to change. I’ve reached mine.

Dear Silvermoon,

My faith is with me no more. It has kept me going this long in your service. I’ve proudly served you as a dedicated son of these lands of our people. I’ve traveled far in service of our land and of our people who have suffered so greatly for far so long. Fame, Fortune and Honor I’ve found in my great service. Faith in the Light bestowed upon me has guided me through countless battles.

I have reached my End! I can go no further in my service of our great city and people. My steadfast dedication is no longer with me. My faith now fails me. Disillusion fills the emptiness that remains. I can no longer perform my duties as a honorable Blood Knight in your service.

To Silvermoon I leave my cold steel righteous Sword, my Shield of faith, my Divine Armor in thy keeping. My loyal companion Charger I return to thy stables. All thy gathered wealth I’ve instructed be donated to charity for greater good.

I have met the enemy and have fulfilled my service commission. With great sadness it pains me to acknowledge I can serve you proudly no more in my present condition. I shall take my long over due and much needed leave to wonder portals to other lands and realms. I know not if I will ever return.

Son of Silvermoon
Ardent Defender

One day your time will come! In the journey of “My Life and Times….” and with my most beloved and dedicated Paladin. I’ve chosen to end my journey here.