Paladins: Nerf, Nerf, Nerf, Nerf, Nerfs!

Our class just got Nerfed yet again! When will this cursed Nerfing nightmare ever finally end?

What will the next Class Wide Nerf be for?

I’m not sure I can stand another Class Wide Nerf due to PvP affecting PvE. I’m just a PvE player, I don’t even do PvP.

It’s beyond stupid now.

7 thoughts on “Paladins: Nerf, Nerf, Nerf, Nerf, Nerfs!

  1. Feel for you pallys. You’ve taken quite a rib-kicking from Blizzard. I think some changes were merited from what they originally rolled out — which makes me wonder what to make of GC’s bragging that they have extensive testing tools the players don’t have access to and therefore have a better handle on these things (if so, shouldn’t they have been aware of any issues to start with?). But the way they’ve done it, repeatedly and with a lot of trumpeting of “you just haven’t been beat down enough yet.” Jeez, no wonder you guys are so frustrated. Here’s hoping they throw you something good to make up for your curent treatment.


  2. let’s stage a paladin revolt! choose a server roll lvl 1 paladins and then wait till server gets full or something and then march to ironforge/silvermoon or some cityhaven’t touched my pally except to take those trick or treat bags


  3. Nerf or fixing what was broken? In some ways we are all beta testing live content for Wrath right now anyway. Expect more down the pipe


  4. the nerf to avenging wrath is a big one…it breaks synergy with the Sanctified Wrath talent now…no paladin will use avenging wrath because it prevents us for 2 minutes to use our last resort bubblesince I won’t be using avenging wrath, I would use sanctified wrath and I won’t have the bypass damage mitigation effect….


  5. QQ and more Q =D….I think it’s a good thing you guys get slightly nerfed… dk’s and pally’s rule virtually every server…they’re overpowered (slightly) and overpopulating the servers…with obvious reasons too (i love my dk and pally BUT..)….I mean, when there are millions of players that pick up an expansion and immediately play the “new class” there is an obvious population problem….I hope they nerf pally’s and dk’s more…not cause I’m this nerd raging dick…but more of a positive ideal. EVERYONE wants to play these classes…and not to mention there IMHO the two most solid and fierce classes right now. That structure is backwards…they should be “shaman status or mage status” Slightly unpopular and underpowered….because if not we have LITERALLY this rediculous situation of plate wearing monsters overcrowding the servers, if you don’t believe me…look on every single server at this site. You’ll soon realize (if not already…these classes are played out.)….I don’t know what extent of the nerf you guys got but we got it moderately bad too along with alot of other classes….no QQ’in tho =) (ill deal with it or figure out how to make up for it) with that in mind, I hope you don’t take this as “that dick that came into our blog, QQ’in” cause that’s not my intentions….Just throwing out the idea that….maybe the “dk and pally” honeymoon stage is on it’s way out….and they are trying to even out the class ratio’s…I mean this positively so please let me know your thoughts….Paramourn – 80 mut rogue 51/13/7 hit/expertise/poison capped 3400 ap 34 crit 400+ haste


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