WoW Forum Changes

According to Nethaera a Blizzard Blue the WoW forums has undergone quite a bit of changes and no longer separated by each particular class forums, but separated now into the three different role forums.

The WoW forums and for WotLK is now separated into Tanking, Healing and Damage Dealing role forums for more diverse class discussions and mechanics across all classes for greater feedback. Individual Class forums will soon be closed. This has been hinted to by Ghostcrawler for some time now as well with all the Beta discussions, so guess he flexed his muscle again. So heads up on the forum changes and with all your hot links since it affects all players as well. I’m sure it will still be the bad forums as usual probably a bit more unless its now more moderated by Blizzard with all the idiotic postings and trolling.

Edit: Blizzard now says they will keep the Individual class forums.

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