Argent Dawn Exalted

Scourge Invasion event Boss.

Well finally got rid of my migraine headache caused by all the nerfing. Anyway since hadn’t had much time to play last week was able to get things in perspective and focused on working on my goal of getting my Argent Dawn reps done. So on Saturday after two more full clear undead runs of Stratholme was already sitting on enough reps to finally reach Exalted with the Argent Dawn.

With the Scouge Invasion in EPL it was fun to fend off attacks for a while with a guildie and even get some Argent Dawn reps surprisingly killing the spawn mobs and for some the new Argent Dawn quest. However looking at things I figure though fun as the Invasion event was just seem was wasting abit of time with my goal still looming in mind. So headed off to solo grind Stratholme and disregarded the few Argent Dawn quests I had. Rather than run around and do the few remaining quests, I went and did what I’m good at “Grinding” with a goal in mind. I can grind anything easily if I have a good reason to.

Started with around 7K or so reps at Revered and was thinking would have to do about 10 more runs or so of Stratholme grinding out the Reps. That would of been a fair amount of runs. However did a Baron timed run again for the Reps/Scourgestones clearing the entire place of undead everywhere for all the Scourgestones and Runecloth as well. Baron never did drop his mount through all the runs, bummer! Also did see the special undead boss for the Scourge event Balzaphon as well which was new who dropped 2 Scougestones instead of one it seemed.

After turning all those Scourgestones in to Argent Dawn and getting more Valor Tokens for the turn in it re-occurred to me I had a bag full of tokens and I could turn the Valor Tokens in to get more reps. I was sitting on about 130 or so Valor Tokens which when turned in to the Argent Dawn gave 100 reps for each token. I almost forgot about those. So promptly turned them all in which gave around 13K reps and just short of a few hundred reps to reach Exalted. That was cool and shorten my grind by lots! Only one more Baron run and with full undead clear had more than enough reps at Scourgestones turn in to get Exalted with the Argent Dawn. That also at same time gave me 10 Factions Exalted with the Argent Dawn and then Silvermoon Exalted with more a ton load of Runecloth turn in at about 15k worth of reps. That’s allot of Runecloth as well collected on countless runs for the grind.

So that puts me at one half of the “Argent Champion” title complete. The other half is with The Argent Crusade faction in WotLK which is more fun and much easier to complete for the Argent Champion title. It felt great to be finally exalted because those Necromancer and Shadowcasters casters in Stratholme are just evil bastards and thank god for HotR to make it much easier and bearable as those casters totally make your life miserable. They Suck! Otherwise its a grind only a Paladin can love to AoE clear all the undead.

Does feel great as did take some effort to get half the title grind complete missing out on all the other events going on with the Headless Horsemen and such. Lots of titles are easy to get for achievements some easier than others and not care for many. But a Champion of killing undead and removing them from Azeroth is one I can be proud of having.

Argent Dawn & Solo Baron rep runs.
I really didn’t do a great deal of quests. But did do all the quests from the NPC’s at Light Hope Chapel that gave high reps. Rest was all a solo grind of Stratholme for time sake purging the entire place of undead. I made the Baron timed event every time other than the very first time on the grind for the extra Argent Dawn reps on the Baron usually always with at least 10 mins to spare on the 45 min timer.

What worked for me was after going through the gate to start the timed event run to go immediately left hugging the wall, clear casters and get the first boss Nerub’enkan and clear the necropolis of the Acolytes. Then re track back hugging the wall to go to the right avoiding the casters to go to the other two bosses Baroness and then Maleki. Clear the necropolis again each and then the gate opens to the Baron where you have to clear all the Aboms and a few more undead in the gauntlet before the Baron. Doing that solo I always had more than 10 mins to spare as long as no caster mob problems.

Edited: Last section.

3 thoughts on “Argent Dawn Exalted

  1. Congrats on getting exalted. I’ve been doing Baron runs lately trying to get his mount and Exalted with AD. I’m about 6k away right now so just a few more runs hopefully and I’ll be done.I feel like such an idiot after reading your post. I’ve been selling all of my runecloth instead of turning them in for rep…..


  2. The Key to killing the necromancers is actually using cleanse to clean off the drain life debuff they put on you. After that they are chumps. The hardest parts of the whole instance are the spiders that do a root that also silences you. Too many of them and you will be permanently silenced. The new blessing of sanctuary makes this so much easier than it used to be. Congrats on your achievement.


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