Beta Build Patch 9138 – SUCKS!!

New Beta Build Patch notes are out and you can see the entire Patch list over at MMO-Champion as its very long.

It damn Sucks!!! I just don’t get it why the entire Paladin class keep getting all these damn nerfs especially to all our Judgements and Seals which are being nerfed to nothing. If Blizzard have a specific issue fix that specific issue but the entire class? Even our mana return been nerfed into the ground. I know there are some threat issues that needed to be pinpointed and addressed specifically but damn come on here. This is gonna suck a bit for raids and especially for Protection Soloing ability as well which I do care about as well.

I just don’t damn get Blizzard and the Devs sometimes. Is the rest of the Paladin class paying the price of the damage that Rets have being doing? Why all these nerfs across the board on the entire class. It just damn SUCKS!!

Our Best Days seem to be over and it may have all being played all in Beta.
We seems to be the most nerfed class overall. I don’t really QQ, but with these recent changes to the class Blizzard you can Kiss my Ass!

There are really much better things I can be doing with my time and its starting to look very convincing.

One thought on “Beta Build Patch 9138 – SUCKS!!

  1. I’d love to see a breakdown of lvl70 Raid DPS potential for Ret in 2.4.3 and 3.0.3, because I’m pretty sure that with all the changes the net effect is pretty much nil.


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