Its a World Event, Get Over It!

Seem like some players complain for everything! And with 10+ Million people playing WoW quite a few will complain for just about anything or for the sake of complaining just to complain. In playing a game of fun for fun, some players just can’t seem to enjoy the fun that’s currently taking place with the sinister evil that’s currently plaguing and infesting all over Azeroth.

Its a World event, once in a blue moon interruption of daily life in Azeroth. Yet some players can’t seem to be happy that its just not life as usual and enjoy the daily changing of events with the launching of the new game expansion. Your suppose to enjoy the fun which ever way you choose to enjoy it, on which ever side of the event you choose to participate. If you choose to participate or not to participate its all your choice whichever way you choose. But its a World event in Azeroth and understand that it is someone sinister evil plan to turn Azeroth upside down. Your just caught in all the crossfire.

If you choose to have fun carrying out someone else’s sinister evil plans, don’t get upset when someone else decides to attempt and try to cleanse or stop you. Their is no real script here. Yes some will still be idiots as usual. But if evil is making its way across the land someone has to try and do something if you are the one carrying it out, wouldn’t you if you could? Would life happen as usual if evil was running rampant everywhere? Probably not. So quest givers and flight masters are all caught up in the good fight as well. But… But I wana turn my quest in, no fair. Who said life is..

You know….. if tomorrow if somehow a huge and really massive chunk of rock come streaming from outer space and fell somewhere on this earth and throw masses of earth up into the atmosphere for a catastrophic global event. Trust me, tomorrow wouldn’t be life as usual for you, me or anyone else on this planet by any means. Any you probably won’t stay playing WoW as usual like you do everyday either.

Get over it and have some fun. And if that evil come my way I’m going to use Righteous Fury on it with full Holy Vengeance. That’s my fun in sinister times.

5 thoughts on “Its a World Event, Get Over It!

  1. Yeah, but. It is frustrating as I get ready for Nov 13, fighting the lag, outages and lack of upward compatibility of add-ons, that Bliz chose that I had to deal with this junk. Why should a level 1 bank alt have to run back to a home city because of this waste of time??? It currently seems to me like too many things in the Wotlk downgrade are making my playing experiece less pleasant!


  2. Amen. As a hardcore gamer I want to throw out the “qq moar” but then I realize that Blizzard goes out of their way to target casual players who want to enjoy their specific, limited activity and nothing more.Having the casuals is more sub income which means more content for us, but it also means when they do really cool stuff that affects everyone the casuals are usually whining about it in some way.


  3. Personally I wish I had more time to devote to the infestation. I’m trying to do all the Halloween events on my druid since she’s my main, but I really want to go do some zombie fighting with my paladin. The timing is perfect with Halloween and the infestation happening at the same time, but my play time is being stretched thin. That’s my only complaint for what I otherwise think is a wonderful event.


  4. I have changed my mind about how bad this is. This is annoyingly bad. I need ten million more XP to get in 18 days to have three more 70s. This event seems designed to appeal to causal players who are easily amused, probably with two-digit IQs and under ten years old. Someone just asked on guild chat “Why am I playing a game when all it does is make me angry?” A very good question. Considering all the performance and bugs so far, I can’t see why Bliz would go to the trouble of making the game less playable?


  5. While some of the players made this a little less fun to just be outright jerks about the whole thing, I agree. It is a one time event we all got the pleasure to be a part of. How often do you really get to see something like that?


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