Sinister Evil Invades Azeroth

So it’s began and probably the evil plot of the Lich King to take over Azeroth by spreading his infectious plague all over Azeroth. Hmm fun times to be of Holy origins. I guess its up to the Argent Dawn as well the Priests and Paladin of the world to save Azeroth from total Scourge infestation by this conspiracy.

Scourge: Don’t Cleanse me Bro!

Exorcism No?

Hmm, Fun Times. Best is yet to come of World Event I’m sure.



  • I was wondering why I got attacked by a ghoul in Orgrimmar last night while I was getting my Fishing Diplomat & RFC Achievements lol

  • “And I will strike down upon thee with Holy Wrath and Righteous Fury those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is Paladin when my Vengeance procs upon thee.”

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