In Service of The Argent Dawn.

Yeah MIA. I little break is good. Kinda in service of The Argent Dawn at the moment. My guildies been running all over the place dinging Achievements over and over and getting their Jenkins title as well as daily kills of the Horseman. Seem like I’m on another planet, because I’ve been locked away in the East & Western Plaguelands as well as Stratholme for awhile just grinding reps for The Argent Dawn. Just focusing on my task at hand with the Argent Dawn for faction reps.

Needless to say haven’t being playing any WotLK Beta for awhile as seen enough and kinda busy with other things of priority. Currently focused on grinding reps for the “The Argent Champion” title for Exalted Argent Dawn/ The Argent Crusade for WotLK. Grinding Argent Dawn reps can be brutal grind just running lots of Stratholme on one long grind. Well currently at Revered. Got about 13K more to Exalted to end the brutal grind. Getting reps for the Argent Crusade will be much easier and fun. However MIA In Plaguelands!

6 thoughts on “In Service of The Argent Dawn.

  1. Keep it up. At least the Horde didn’t have the mind numbing dull reputation grind that is Winterspring Frostsaber Trainer. Try doing that before 3.0.2 as protection paladin and running back and forth 1/2 between 2 points in Winterspring and you’ll have an idea. Be glad Blizzard never implemented Devilsaur Trainer at Un’goro.


  2. I’ve been at about 3/4ths Revered with the Argent Dawn for the past 2 years or so…the achievements are tempting me to grind the last stretch as well lol.


  3. I think am going to enjoy this! Strat has always been one of my favorite instances, so I don’t mind going in there a few more times and utterly destroying it. I also need to do Scholo for an achievement. I should end up with a lot of Righteous Orbs too, which will be a nice money maker. This should be fun!


  4. If your that close with getting Argent Dawn reps done might as well get it done and out the way really. It’s still a grind though.


  5. I did a couple of runs to grab my exalted this weekend too. Was also hoping the death charger would drop, it seems to be getting rather common on my server atm, I may just keep running it. ^_^It’s fun to pull the whole room of abombinations =D


  6. Full room abomination pulls are fun! A little hairy sometimes in my Ret Spec. I really have to stay on top of the Art of War procs 😛 But its lots of fun! And Righteous Orbs are from the live side are a nice bonus too 😛


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