To Talent “OR not to Talent Blessing of Kings…..

Is one the biggest pain in the ass with most Protection Paladins deciding to choose a spec going into WotLK as of current Beta patch build since Blessing of Sanctuary has changed. Who knows what can happen between now and WotLK launch with our talents, current tree spec or Blessing yet.

This talent for Protection Paladins used to cost us only 1/1 point before the changes to the talent Blessing. But whether to now spend 5 points to talent Blessing of Kings or “not to” and have another spec paladin in a 10 man or 25 man raid spec for Blessing of Kings is pretty heavily debated at the moment along with BoS. As of current Beta build this is still giving some people lots of heartburn, some people are getting a headache about this among other things. Some are just disgruntled about having to spend 5 points to now get it when they don’t have 5 points to really spend anyway as a Tankadin anyway.

I’m almost getting ill myself whenever I have to think about it. At most I try not to think of it until Beta is nailed in the coffin and we can see somewhat what we will have then and between any surprise changes at WotLK launch.

Almost any Tankadin that’s on a Progression Raid if they are the only Paladin will have it in their spec as its a MT Tank Buff.

Why couldn’t Blessing of Kings just remain as it was before and make Blessing of Sanctuary a self Buff and all would have been well. Or just make Blessing of Kings baseline and save everyone a headache. Even completely removing it would save everyone a headache as well.


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