Guild Crap!

I haven’t spent a great deal of time on the live servers since in Beta. But I’ve logged on at times here and there to chat a little with some members of my Guild and other Officers that I know about how Beta is going and among the other things some people in the Guild asks. At times I’ve continue and done a few runs of ZA while in Beta by logging in just for the run if I had signed up for it. Otherwise I’m not on the live servers that much or on for any other raids.

So i logged in tonight while the Beta servers are down for the new Patch to see what my guild is up to. A few guild members I knew asked how things were going or with X class. Out of nowhere some unknown Hunter in the guild I’ve never met or know in any way starts giving me crap. Crap about me being in Beta and not spending time on the live server helping my guild. Crap that being in Beta I’m not even really helping my guild by being in Beta. Crap that because I’m in Beta and that does not mean jack in helping the guild progress or get ready for WotLK. Crap that i seem to be better than everyone else because I’m in Beta whatever else crap he kept saying.

I’m like….”wtf”…. who the hell is this that giving me crap just because I’m in Beta and we clearly don’t know each other at all in this new guild member. I’ve never done a run with him or seen before. So for several mins we had great green walls of text between me and some Hunter I don’t even know. As well one or two other guildies in the mix as well with the Hunter none of which I knew in any way either being new members. Some the other veteran guildies clearly tried to stay out of it and a few asking the Hunter to cut it. But overall this guy seem to be clearly upset because I’m in Beta. As well as me spending time in Beta vs being on the live server to help him out or whatever else the guild may or may not need.

Why would anyone need crap like that or have to put up with it. Because I’m clearly helping my guild by being in Beta with whatever knowledge I may have the benefit of knowing about WotLK as well as playing my class. Clearly this Huntard thinks otherwise. Now I’m very laid back and cool headed. No other Senior Officers were on, so I just emailed the Warrior GM our guild MT and told him whats up and tell him to deal with it. So before I blow a gasket in /gchat I just decided to call it a night and log off. Why the hell am I getting crap for being in Beta. Too bad I don’t do rants here even as the editor.

5 thoughts on “Guild Crap!

  1. Sounds like the Hunter and friends need to get nice /gkick. You are doing more then helping the guild by playing the Beta. You are helping the entire WoW community. If they can’t understand how or why, then they need to gtfo and stfu. If nothing else, you are going to have knowledge of the earlier instances so you can help to get your guild to higher end instances faster. You will also know where to go for simple things like flightpaths, vendors, and quests. You also have a good idea of the gear that will be available in Northerend so you can help give suggestions for gear since there won’t be gear guides available online for quite some time. Yeah that hunter is an idiot. Don’t sweat it man.


  2. Wow, that’s idiotic!And rather than /gkick, I’d find out from other guildies if this is an example of a pattern of behavior. It might be that he’s just sore because he never got a beta key himself and that’s his only hot-topic button. Unlikely, but it’s something to consider.And putting the matter into someone else’s hands who is over him in the chain of command is a good thing, but it might also do well to speak up and let him know your thoughts. Otherwise he might feel blindsided if that warrior leader doesn’t approach it delicately.A lot of people in the beta have done amazing things in relaying the new information. Keep up the wonderful work!


  3. You are a more patient man that me Galo. When people try to say something to me that is ridiculous, I fire back. I have made people that thought they were going to walk on me quit the guild because I would flame them so hard. It is really irritating when someone who doesnt know you says something rude about something they know nothing about.


  4. Wow, sounds like someone’s bitter about not getting into Beta. Or failing that wasn’t able to get a tank in guild when he asked.Either way, he’s a douche. I wouldn’t put up with that crap in my guild.


  5. LOL, I think someone either is a bit jealous of your beta key or has issues with not being the center of guild attention. It’s actually very beneficial having guild members who are in the beta. It’s nice having first hand information about the new zones, professions, nerf/buffs, etc.


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