WotLK Beta: Some Recount on Hammer of the Righteous

This is just a snapshot of Recount just out doing some quests so nothing really special since the recent Patch. Hammer of the Righteous now seem to be back to accounting for most of the damage done normally. Usually its about 16-25% of damage somewhere in between there best I can tell.

In this event just doing some quests for some reason I just happen to be critting HotR on targets more than usual which just seemed random as didn’t have any unusual buffs of any kind. When Questing consecration don’t get used unless you have allot of stuff to AoE that’s just obvious. But HotR usually kills stuff fast in range on whatever target it procs on any of 3 targets and can hit normally or crit on any hit of any target it hits on the proc.

HotR procs Seal of Corruption/Vengeance on any 3 targets your fighting whenever you use it. Usually stuff dies so fast questing that at most the other two targets have at least 2 procs of Corruption/Vengeance going on them. Its been hard to find just one target that can stay alive long enough to hit HotR 5 times to check if the other target really does have all 5 on it if you change target to check. Most I can think of is getting 3 elites together and fight then to test that out.

But the Best way I’ve found to use HotR Questing on up to 3 targets is: Get 5 stacks of Corruption/Vengeance on target, quickly switch to the other and get 5 stacks on that then tab to the next all the while using your rotation of spells and HotR in between as you do that. Takes no time at all. But point is get 5 stacks on all 3 targets and while your using HotR the mobs all dies just fast which full stack of Corruption/Vengeance ticking away on them. More than often when the first mob dies the other 2 dies about the same time as well of just after in no time at all with HotR hitting all targets hitting normally or critting for more damage/threat.

In a 5 man Instance with all the buffs your character sheet DPS goes up and so does the damage you do with HotR as well and can hit for allot more then.

As previously stated the DoT ticks from Seal of Corruption/Vengeance was reduced in the last patch which was noticeable and not sure if the seal damage was reduced as well with that. I’m really not sure why the Devs did that when the damage wasn’t that much to being with anyway.


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