WotLK Beta: New Face Smasher.

Upgraded from my crafted Saronite Bulwark Shield. Upgrade from that would have been the Leeka’s Shield from Cot Stratholme which drops from the last boss which I hadn’t seen drop as yet in few runs.

But was already doing some transmuted with Alchemy for Titanium Bars with the cooldown of 3 days as well as having my Hunter mine Saronite for Ore. Crystallized Essence you get from some Elemental Spirits or from mining which are the new motes which gives Eternals the new Primals. Some Titanium I bought from AH (5 bars) cost a pocket full I’m gonna say like 2500g ouch!!. Extortion sounds like a better word. But that’s ok. I know how to farm money to make it back. One does need to invest always in a good shield.

All those it took to craft Titansteel (expensive) which you need to eventually craft the shield. Lots of cooldowns. Had a BS friend from a PuG craft the the Shield which does look nice. There are about 4 good pieces of gear a Tank can get crafted from Titansteel.

Currently Revered with the Argent Crusade with a bit of the reps from wearing the Argent Crusade Tabard. So as a Tank you get to pick up the new Helm Enchant as from previous post on factions. The Shield Enchant is fairly easy to get as well as far as mats.

Tip: Easiest way to get enchanting essences is to save and DE all your greens up to 80. Or it will cost you. All my greens from 70-80 I just had them all DE for lots of the new WotLK essences.

4 thoughts on “WotLK Beta: New Face Smasher.

  1. Grtz on the shield… 🙂Looks awesome, but in general im really into the new look the gear have in WOTLK.Nice to see that there is finaly some good crafted gear for tanks to go after.


  2. Yes WotLK gear does look great! Yes tanks have some options with crafted gear from BS in Armor and Shields. Leveling as well as at 80. Instancing does provide a bit of Tank gear as well all around lvling up or at 80. Will talk about that in some other post soon.


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