WotLK Beta – Screenshots from CoT – Strathlome

Me and the man Uther! Who wouldn’t want to be buddies with Uther? But Uther looks a bit angry today. Wonder how hard his hammer hits.

I’ve seen some Pets in Beta, but that Core Hound Hunter Pet (The Kurken from Azuremyst Isle) has to be on the very coolest of all pets or the Core Hounds. It shakes my screen when stampeding around and fills it up screen with lava Breath on fighting mobs. Damn cool pet! Aren’t those Ambassador titles cool. You can work to get you one before WotLK goes live.

Boss in a Box!! Well its a Placeholder image. Oh Cavern of times Stratholme is fairly easy though. Its a lvl 80 Dungeon but you can do it around 78 or so (Boss is lvl 82) it has lots of fun factor. Heroics may be more fun though I’m sure in this place with all the undead. Threat wasn’t any problem at all as you can see.

I do notice at time healers having to heal the DK’s often as well. I’m not sure why. Anyway I’m topping the meter. Not something you see everyday as a Tank but competitive it seems in DMG if geared well.

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