WotLK Beta: Damage Hill new Terittory.

I usually take allot of screenshots of stuff because I can’t always remember everything that happen so I capture stuff as events to go back and look through later to remember things or for the blog. But I’ve being running allot of Instances most with lvl 80’s or 78-80 and often my Recount log looks like what you see above.

I’ve read allot of Blue posts to keep up on stuff from Blues and from Ghostcrawler (Class Designer) comments on Tank class. Before in tBC Blizzard deliberately kept Tanks overall DMG low for obvious reasons. But in WotLK its been their aim to raise Tanks DPS to help their soloability as well and other reasons including Raid DPS contribution and have Tanks at about 15-20% below the DPS line from the various comments I’ve read by Ghostcrawler. One thread Linked Here.

Anyway a good geared Tank can do some good damage in a 5 man Instance or raid overall. As for DPS its up there with the rest of group vs way below. And if your a poorly geared DPS the Tank might just be crawling all over your DPS & DMG going up that DPS hill as it will show. Often in my runs so far a Death Knight tops the overall damage or a Ret maybe with around 1400-1700 dps or so depending on how good their gear is so far. As a Tank I’m often around 1100-1300 dps so far in my gear as well and again usually I’m not always Consecrating either which can add up to allot in AoE Tanking.

My gear is and fairly good at the moment as I continue to work on it. But in my Instance run as the Tank I’m often in the top 3 for damage. Often 1st or 2nd at that in overall DMG and can be up there competing with the DPS. The strange odd thing is. I’m not always Consecrating like we usually do in tBC. If its 3 target mobs or less I never usually consecrate unless its a Boss or a Hard mob and at most if I do its one Initial consecrate at that. Usually its HotR as it can hold its own on 3 mobs with Seal of Corruption or Vengeance ticking away doing damage.

On 4 mobs or more that’s one less mob that HotR can hit and at that point if you have BoS up and all mobs hitting you have no choice but to consecrate to burn off of sitting on just about 100% mana which increases your threat and damage. But in most instances so far I barely Consecrate unless I have to or need to and I’m showing up where I am on the Recount list. This is new Terittory in WotLK for Tanks. You know in tBC some DPS always ask to see the Damage Meter. Well you probably may not want to ask in WotLK where you are on that list.

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