WotLK Beta: A Blade!

A nice Blade. This the best Blue Tanking Sword i’ve seen so far. It dropped for me tonight in Halls of Lightning from 2nd boss. You can pick up a few nice ones leveling if you think ahead. Wyrmrest Accord has a nice one as well leveling up at Revered.
Its not Epic but its still nice. Sure beats looking at my sword on the live server. Yeah Beta.

5 thoughts on “WotLK Beta: A Blade!

  1. I probably missed a couple of mechanism posts on account of traveling a lot recently, but last time I checked, I thought the consensus for Wrath tankadins was slow weapons = better due to the way Seal of Vengeance was scaling – ie 2.6 speed instead of 2.0 or less.Am I totally off my rockers?


  2. Actually you can use both Slow and Fast! Hammer of the Righteous has being Normalized in the way it works. However …Hammer of the Righteous (HotR) works off of Weapons DPS where it does 3x Character Sheet DPS which favors a very high dps weapon for HotR damage.A Slow or Fast speed works as HotR uses the Weapons DPS only. However with using Seal of Corruption/Vengeance it favors a fast weapon to build up the stacks fast for threat obviously. Using a slow weapon you will do higher melee damage output which is good for questing and soloing but its just slower to build stacks of Corruption/Vengeance. So a fast weapon is favored for “Tanking”.Really you can use both. But you want a itemized tanking weapon and one with Tanking Stats. Which is usually on a fast weapon.


  3. Gratz to you!Im a ret\prot paladin fron ru realms, and im totaly affected by paladins class exept healeng in holly spec.Have some Q:Is it a real wep glow or its an enchant?And how is the manaregen on test servers as a tankodin?


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