Thank Goodness its Friday.

Haven’t played for days, guess its obvious when I’m absent here on the blog. Yeah life happens. I feel stuck with one more level to go. Being a bit too busy and tired last few days. At least its really Friday.

Bummer, Beta servers are down again for another new patch.

Hell I haven’t even downloaded the last Beta patch from earlier this week either since I last played either.

Well there is always a bright side, lots of rested XP! Hope Paladins get something good in the new Beta Patch.



  • Hey bro, I’ve been meaning to ask you. Which beta server are you on?

  • The only one you can PvE on.Northrend.

  • Shield of Righteous just got nerfed to oblivion. Instead of 240% block value, it’s down to 100%.

  • Yeah I say saw it as MMO-Champion brought up the changes.I call that a HUGE Nerf!!

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